Earnings on public pages Vkontakte, promotion and monetization of public

Earnings in social networks is one of the most interesting types of earnings in the network, which many people already use. There are a lot of ways to make money on such projects, but the most profitable and promising is the creation of a public. Every day various communities and public pages appear more and more, but not everyone manages to earn money from it.

Can you make a lot of money with Vkontakte Public? Certainly, but in order not to become one of the losers, who only invites his friends and soon realizes that this does not bring good, it will take something to learn. It is not difficult to create a public, as well as to find methods for their monetization, the whole difficulty lies in its development.

Earnings on public pages Vkontakte, promotion and monetization of public

Successful earnings in public Vkontakte

Why do so many people try to use this type of earnings?

There are many advantages to such activities:

  • it is free;
  • you can create a large number of public groups;
  • there are special services for monetization;
  • developed a system of posts (editor, administrator, moderator), so you can automate part of the work;
  • you can quickly promote public;
  • you can use it to develop websites (search for direct advertisers);
  • Public can be sold;
  • through your public, you can sell products and offer services (affiliate programs).

Are you able to create such a public that will be profitable? Of course, the most important thing is not to hurry and learn all the subtleties of this "business". For convenience, we divided the organization of the source of profit through the creation of the public into several parts:

Earnings on public pages Vkontakte, promotion and monetization of public

Creating the public

Just creating a public page is not enough After all, you will need to come up with an interesting name, develop an original avatar, create a description, arrange a group and perform many other actions.

When choosing a group name, it is necessary not only to be creative, but also to use keywords. It is necessary to attract as much traffic as possible through a search (internal search for Vkontakte or search engines).

With the help of the service, you can check the popularity of requests and highlight the most appropriate options:

Earnings on public pages Vkontakte, promotion and monetization of public

Before using one of the options, make sure that the public with this name not yet created Regarding the design of the group and the creation of avatars, then you need to show creativity, the best option is to contact freelancers who will professionally develop a unique image. You can find them on the stock exchange.

Promotion of the public

Only after the page is created, filled and already able to interest people, it is necessary to begin to consider promotion. There are a lot of ways in this case, the most important thing is not to use automatic systems and not to cheat bots, besides the fact that they will not be confused, for this they can block the public.

Earnings on public pages Vkontakte, promotion and monetization of public

Cheating should be natural, so the best option is to use a large number of accounts through which you will repost and invite friends to groups.

On the project, you can buy as many accounts as you like, recruit lots of friends and perform daily activities so that as many people as possible can see the records of the public in the news.
When you type more than 3000 participants, you can offer mutual PR with other publics, practice has shown that this is a great way to promote.

The most important thing is to correctly evaluate the groups, since those who are not relevant by subject or with a high content of frozen participants are not suitable.

In order to increase public activity at minimal cost, you can use the Wmmail and Seosprint systems. For a small fee, real people will join your public and if they like your page, they can remain among the participants for a long time. Also, when creating tasks on mailers, you can specify additional requirements, here's an example:

Earnings on public pages Vkontakte, promotion and monetization of public

More than 410,000 users are registered on each of these axles, and the result of such cheating will surprise you. The cost of the assignment can be set to the minimum (on Seosprint 0. 24 rubles, on Wmmail 1 cent).

Monetization of the public

You need to start monetization only when you have at least 30,000 participants. What methods and services can be used?

  • Prospero (add public and you will receive offers for advertising);
  • Forumok (performing tasks when using public);
  • (besides receiving offers for advertising, you can configure auto-posting);
  • .

In addition, you can monetize public, through CPA networks, such as Admitad, ActionPay and Advertstar, offering various products and receiving partner rewards.

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