Earnings on public pages, is it profitable?

We all love to go into interesting groups of social networks, although some do not even suspect that their owners get a lot of money from promoted pages.

Everybody can create Vkontakte Public, you don’t need money for this, but you’ll have to gain knowledge to earn money it's not so easy to promote a community.

How much do they earn on public pages? When you find out how much money makes public, you will definitely have a desire to use this method.

Especially for this, we have already written an article on how to create a Vkontakte group (the instruction is not very different, especially in terms of promotion).

Earnings on public pages, is it profitable?

If you approach the business wisely and invest in development, you can quickly create a source of almost passive profits. Advertisers spread a lot of money to order the placement of advertisements.

We will not talk to you about this for long, but rather present specific examples:

1. Monetizing the community on the Bloguna. The system is created for selling links, but groups and Vkontakte profiles are accepted there. Well-promoted sites accept without problems, and then you need to process applications for placement.

The only negative is that most often you have to create a post yourself and advertisers are not so generous here, so it’s better to add groups that do not have a large audience to ask for an advertising post of a small amount:

Earnings on public pages, is it profitable?

Here is a great example - a group with 50,000 participants. According to statistics, it published a little more than 1000 advertising records. Prices you see yourself. Even if we count at an average cost of 50 rubles, it turns out that the community brought to its owner 53,550 rubles .

Small money, but when you consider that it is easy to get 50 thousand subscribers (how to wind up the Vkontakte group without a ban), this is a good amount.

2. Monetization of the public page c. This exchange is used by almost all large communities. There are no restrictions, therefore groups are added even with a thousand participants.

It is necessary to understand that very few people order advertising in such communities, and there is no way to set a high price for this. Let's look at an example of how much money can be earned from a public page that is well-advertised:

Earnings on public pages, is it profitable?

All community data is represented in the image, as you can see, you need to pay almost 12,000 for placing an advertising post rubles. The administration of the exchange takes 15% for itself, therefore net profit of 10,000 rubles .

On the wall of this site 2-3 advertisements are placed per day, i.e. a daily income of 20-30 thousand, and 600-900 thousand a month. Huge money, for which you can sweat.

3. Direct monetization of the group. Some public domain owners do not add them to the exchanges, they place contacts and assign a price through personal messages. It all depends on how well the site is spun.

To demonstrate an example, a popular group was selected, in which there are now 1. 7 million participants. Her administrator takes 4500 rubles per hour in the first place and 6000 rubles in 4 hours in the first place:

Earnings on public pages, is it profitable?

2-3 advertising notes are also published per day, but revenues here somewhat less. This is not surprising, because in the previous example the community is used, where almost 2. 5 times more subscribers.

With such indicators, receiving even 4,500 rubles per post and placing them twice a day, for a month it is possible to collect 270,000 rubles . Also not bad, considering that this is the minimum income.

Does it make sense to create public Vkontakte? Seeing how much you can earn on the public page, this issue dissolves.

If you have the desire and time to do this, be sure to create a group and start making a profit. Money turns around there is serious, but it is difficult to achieve them, the competition is high.

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