Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

The Internet audience is expanding, and at the same time more and more websites appear. Many of them repeat common ideas, but this does not prevent them from developing.

Even among axes, interesting services are constantly running. And they come in handy for recruiting referrals, more sites in surfing and searching for profitable tasks.

Cheating and simple earnings without investment from a new project will interest newbies and advertisers. This system has been working for almost a year, but so far it cannot compete with larger analogs like Wmmail.

However, it is worth registering on this site for part-time work or the use of tasks by the advertiser.

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

Who can use the Profitruble service?

First of all, for those who want to easily and easily earn extra money online without investment. On the site are available types of earnings, which even the student can handle.

Pay for visiting sites, registration, likes on social networks. Revenues are not the greatest, but to learn nothing is needed and investments are not required.

Books should also interest those who want to attract people to their website, recruit referrals, or simply wind up something in the network.

For advertisers, here a bonus for 200 clicks on their link is prepared. This is a test drive to evaluate the service. You can order views of any pages, including affiliate links.

To use the bonus, a rating of 2 points is required. You will get the first point for completing personal data in your profile, and you will get the second point with a daily bonus (+0. 2 points).

There are few active users on the site, the payouts barely exceed 25,000 rubles. The project has just started collecting reputation online, and after checking it, we decided to share information with our readers. No failures were identified, everything works, payments are coming.

How to order advertising or promotion on Profitruble?

The number of advertisers is rapidly increasing, because the rates in this system are minimal.

For example, if you decide to order visitors to a website, you only have to pay 2 kopecks for each transition. There are also more expensive tariffs with a long time to view the page:

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

Tasks allow you to cheat anything, comments, reviews, reposts, participants in groups, and so on. In the main menu there is the item "Task management".

After moving to the section, they offer to create a new order. In the free form, specify what the executors should perform:

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

Describe the conditions in more detail, otherwise people will make mistakes. A link is added at the bottom. Choose your own payment (see how much other advertisers pay).

After launching the order, it remains to wait for reports. In this example, people send links and screenshots, they need to check and decide whether to pay for work or not.

Easy earnings on Profitruble

For newbies there are 4 types of part-time jobs available on this site. The easiest one is surfing and writing. You just need to visit advertising pages.

At the same time, the viewing timer is set, when the time on it ends, a captcha appears. You confirm that you are not a bot and you get a few kopecks:

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

There are on the site and tests that ask you to first go to the page and see it, and then answer the questions. Payment is not high and orders are extremely rare.

The ideal variant for a beginner is tasks. They are asked to perform various actions and pay up to 100 rubles. In the corresponding section you will find a list of instructions:

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

Open any order, read the terms and get to the point. After performing the required action, a report is sent. The advertiser checks it for several days and transfers money for the work.

Affiliate Program Profitruble

Those who have been working with books for a long time know that the most profitable way to use them is a set of referrals. In this system to build a ref. The network has several useful tools. They are combined in one block of the main menu:

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

You can watch detailed statistics, contests from your ref or launch your own. Sell ​​referrals on the stock exchange, pay off the referrer (pay to become a free referral).

Add an automatic greeting to your new referrals or send a newsletter between them. In the last section are promotional materials:

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

Use a simple link or banners. Look for not only novice performers, but also other partners, because the system is 2-tier. The maximum deductions are 40%, but it all depends on the rating:

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

The last status “Manager” allows you to withdraw up to 1000 rubles per day. Consequently, on this site income is limited to 30,000 rubles per month. Although it will be extremely difficult to achieve such an indicator, even if you are an active partner.

My review of the site Profitruble

Despite the fact that the project has been running for a year, there is almost no information about it on the Internet. So I decided to share my own opinion.

Profitruble reviews will definitely appear in the future, because the system is stable. Payments are spent from just 1 kopeck on Webmoney, Payeer or Yandex. Money. For verification, I have already ordered the first transfer:

Earnings on Profitruble, a bonus for advertisers

The money came instantly, which certainly pleases. In many ways, the system reminds me of other projects with a similar design. Obviously, it was created on one engine, and as you know, it was tested by dozens of other people and proved itself quite well.

Profitruble is easy and convenient to use, the system is good for both advertisers and performers. Earnings are simple, positive reviews gradually appear.

I strongly recommend taking up the development of ref. system. While no one knows about the site, you can recruit a large team.

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