Earnings on posting articles with Miralinks

Earnings opportunities on the Internet are significantly expanded after you open your own website.

Today, to monetize resources, a huge number of different systems have been created that you can use, with virtually no harm to site optimization. In this article we will tell about one of the best options.

Earnings on posting articles with is an ideal way to make a profit, at which you will add to your site those materials that you have compiled yourself. Today, this service is one of the leaders in the monetization of sites, and its audience has several thousand participants.

Earnings on posting articles with Miralinks

How to make money with Miralinks?

Before proceeding to the description of earnings with this site, we first give you the requirements for the sites. If your site does not fit the conditions, you will need to upgrade and improve it:

  • TIC from 10;
  • in the Yandex and Google index from 100 pages;
  • the age of the site from six months;
  • unique and readable content;
  • advertising should not take up too much space;
  • traffic from 50 hosts per day;
  • website design should to be of high quality.

If you have sites suitable for these requirements, you can register in the system and add a resource to the system:

Earnings on posting articles with Miralinks

After that, you will need to specify the site address and the system on the machine will check the main parameters of the site. If everything is fine, then you will be directed to the form that you need to fill out:

Earnings on posting articles with Miralinks

This is not all the items that you definitely need to fill out with information. It’s not surprising that webmasters have to provide a lot of different data, because the Miralinks system tries to provide high-quality services to link buyers.

When your site is moderated, you can go to the Bank of Articles section and start adding texts that you planned to place on your site. To do this, fill in another form:

Earnings on posting articles with Miralinks

You specify the price yourself, as well as linking to one of the sites you added. What set the cost? To determine the appropriate pricing, you can see the offers of other webmasters:

Earnings on posting articles with Miralinks

The cost of the article and its placement on the site is indicated separately. You can evaluate the resources of other site owners and use the approximate cost.

Thus, you will simply add your articles to your website, but you will be paid for it by money. The only thing that will change is adding links to posts, but they will look natural.

All money earned on Miralinks can be transferred to Webmoney, but funds are transferred only after 3 months. This was done specifically to improve security.

If 3 months have passed since the first article was posted with a link, the rating exceeds 85, and there were no violations, you can order early payments.

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