Earnings on placing ads, part-time online

The most popular part-time job in real life for minors is putting up ads.

In the 21st century, everything has been converted to electronic format and now people post ads on the Internet to make money. Huge profit is unlikely to be achieved in this way, but as an additional job, the option is good.

Earnings on posting announcements have been popular since the time when the first virtual bulletin boards opened. Now it is not used so actively, but there are options.

Most often, advertisements are ordered by site owners to attract unique visitors and turn them into their customers.

Earnings on placing ads, part-time online

Placement of announcements - part-time job

There are several services in which instructions for placing announcements are placed. In addition, you can take advantage of freelance exchanges and find projects that require the publication of ads.

Here are some of the best services you'll need:

1. Wmmail. The most popular site for doing simple work. Many different tasks are added here, and in the "Posting" section, you can find suggestions for placing ads.

Manually doing this is too difficult, so advertisers are willing to pay performers:

Earnings on placing ads, part-time online

There are many similar tasks, payment may be different It all depends on the number of ads and the volume of requirements. But on this site, you can simultaneously sell articles through a special store.

2. Seosprint. Another well-known mailer, with the largest number of tasks. Now there are more than 21,000 instructions on it, and if you filter them by category "Posting", you can find suggestions for placing ads:

Earnings on placing ads, part-time online

In this task you need post 5 ads at once, but the payment is 35 rubles . The text is ready, the contacts are given, you just need to do the publication. The advantage of this service is the withdrawal of money to different payment systems.

3. . This is not a mailer, but making it is easy too. Assignments are related to social networks, forums and blogs. In terms of earnings on posting ads, here coined section of artists on the forums.

It is proposed to create topics in different forums with ads and links:

Earnings on placing ads, part-time online

Payment is decent, but to create a topic you need to have an account on the forum. In addition, the forums have established requirements, for example, on TIC or PR. Also set the requirements for profiles - the number of messages.

But the payment is much higher, so if you have accounts on popular forums, this option suits you.

In parallel with the placement of ads, you can use many other ways to make money.

If you want to make money just by placing ads, do not forget to look at the freelance exchanges. There is often offered a comprehensive job of placing ads:

Earnings on placing ads, part-time online

There are many people who want to do this kind of work, therefore there is fierce competition among the performers. However, you need to not lose hope and apply, sooner or later your candidacy will be approved.

Now you know how to make money by placing ads and you can try your hand at this activity . The work is monotonous, therefore difficult, but if you select a few hours and be active, then you will succeed.

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