Earnings on photos with Etxt. Selling photos online

The popular Etxt exchange, which is used by more than 100,000 authors to make money on articles, now also offers additional earnings in pictures and photos.

Recently, a separate photo shop has appeared in the system, where anyone can put their works for sale.

Earnings on photos with Etxt are extremely simple, but not as profitable as when using photobanks. The main landmark here is aimed at cheap images. Each person has hundreds of personal photos on his computer, and if they can be sold, why not make some easy money.

Earnings on photos with Etxt. Selling photos online

Selling photos on the Internet

After the innovations, each user in his profile watches a separate menu section, for buying and selling photos:

Earnings on photos with Etxt. Selling photos online

Do you think that your pictures are not needed by anyone and they are not of sufficient quality? Go to the store and see what photos have been added to the sale. Most likely, you will understand that professional skills are not required for their creation.

It is also not difficult to add pictures for sale, but before proceeding to this, it is necessary to prepare photos that meet the following requirements:

  • not more than 10 MB;
  • one side of the image must be greater than 2000 pixels;
  • necessarily unique pictures (never published before);
  • the quality should be normal, no frames, tags, lights, etc.;
  • valid formats. jpeg png, gif;
  • the image should not be rotated;
  • no trademarks should be on the pictures.

The administration of Etxt reserves the right to remove from the store all the photos that they think are not suitable for sale. The reasons may be different, from a glut of sections, to low interest in the chosen subject of photography.

I would like to say separately that you can add faces to a photo only if you provide a scan of the model's passport and written permission with a caption to sell the pictures. If you decide to sell your photos, then there will be no problems, contact the administration and give the necessary documents.

TIP: when selling pictures on which you are depicted, perform some actions. Eat, run, play sports, express emotions and so on. These photos are bought much faster.

How to set up a photo for sale?

To do this, in the "Add to Sale" section you will need to fill out a small form:

Earnings on photos with Etxt. Selling photos online

Name and description - these items are required. Try to present as meaningfully as possible what is shown in the picture. Category, too, choose the right, so that buyers can easily find the materials they need. As for the price, it is difficult to give advice here, you decide how much the photos cost.

After adding a snapshot, it will be sent for moderation, and in the section “My for sale” you will be able to monitor the verification status:

Earnings on photos with Etxt. Selling photos online

miniature of your picture with Etxt tags, that after being added to the sale, no one could use the photo.

You can put up for sale as many images as you like, and the price for them can be any, so you can easily turn your earnings on photos from Etxt into a stable source of good profits . The most important thing to keep in mind is that someone will buy each picture, and in order for buyers to have an interest, invent something unusual.

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