Earnings on parking on the Internet at Park & ​​Fly

Users do not even know about some ways of earning money on the Internet.

Affiliate programs are now open to a huge number of different companies, including parking lots, but so far in the capital of Russia. For the fact that someone reserves a place for your car, you can get money.

Earnings in parking lots on the Internet is a great option for monetizing metropolitan traffic. Tourist sites are also suitable, as many people are looking for parking to get to the airport by car, and then fly in the right direction.

A separate affiliate program was not created for this, so you will need to use a network of affiliate programs.

Earnings on parking on the Internet at Park & ​​Fly

Earn with Park. Fly

To take advantage of the unique offer, you will need to register for.

There are several affiliate programs offered, among which is the Park offer. Fly It is for him that you will advertise parking lots near airports, so that to receive 7% of the money spent by customers .

The target audience for the offer is people from 20 to 45 years old who have their own car and often use flights.

You can monetize not only Moscow traffic, residents of the regions also use parking lots, and the average bill for them is above 3,500 rubles, while Muscovites spend an average of 1,750 rubles on them. Consequently, your profit ranges from 120 to 250 rubles for each reservation.

According to statistics, the conversion level ranges from 5% to 15% . From October to March, there is increased demand, so money can earn more. People often fly on holidays, so the number of orders also increases.

The users you invite will go to a special site. Statistics show that almost all book parking spaces at once, it takes no more than 3 minutes:

Earnings on parking on the Internet at Park & ​​Fly

You can attract customers by any means. Of course, the best option is to create targeted pages on your site. If you have a suitable site, write several posts with keywords:

  • parking Vnukovo (Sheremetyevo / Domodedovo);
  • parking Vnukovo (Sheremetyevo / Domodedovo) ;
  • how to get to Vnukovo Airport (Sheremetyevo / Domodedovo).

In order for partners to effectively attract customers, they are offered promotional materials. These can be widgets, regular links, and banners:

Earnings on parking on the Internet at Park & ​​Fly

People traveling on a trip or a business trip are much more profitable to pay for a parking space than to book a taxi or get to the airport by subway. An infographic has even been created on this topic:

Earnings on parking on the Internet at Park & ​​Fly

You can use it as an additional promotional material. Please note that the service also offers free baggage packing.

The clients' cars will be guarded, there are additional services, and the service support works around the clock. In general, you will be something to lure people.

Award for the Park offer. Fly is not the highest, but you can’t even imagine how many people reserve a parking space near the airports. This is a great option for earning extra money, and people you invite will be sure to express gratitude.

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