Earnings on OLX in Ukraine on sales

It is not easy to achieve a good income on the Internet, but quite real. Invented a huge number of ways and some of them involve the use of bulletin boards.

In all countries there are national boards, and in Ukraine it is very popular. With it, you can also create a main source of income.

Earnings at OLX in Ukraine is not difficult, but you will need to find the goods you will trade in and organize a good sale.

First of all, you need to have a quality ad. Secondly, find suppliers with competitive prices. Third, deal with the delivery of goods to the regions.

Earnings on OLX in Ukraine on sales

How to make money with OLX?

First, you will need to create several profiles on the site, and for this it is desirable to open several email boxes.

When registering, specify different names in order to find out later which of the announcements they are calling you. Alternatively, you can even use several sim cards for specific products.

Next, you need to add ads. It is advisable to add products, personally having photographed them. Take as many pictures as possible so that the potential buyer can decide.

The description should be, but you should not roll it out. Write only the main characteristics and the most informative additional information.

Earnings on OLX in Ukraine on sales

For high incomes, some users set high rates. It is better to achieve high profits at the expense of sales , rather than through single transactions. Accept money by any convenient means, register e-wallets and get a bank card to receive funds.

Demand full prepayment from customers for customers, otherwise you will not be able to make your mark-up.

Now the most interesting part is where the goods come from? You can order them online without any problems. There are many affiliate programs, where the delivery in Ukraine.

After receiving payment from the buyer, you simply go to the online store and make an order. Do not make a huge markup, and even better to use stocks and sales.

While they are passing, you have time to find many buyers, here’s an example from:

Earnings on OLX in Ukraine on sales

This online store operates in China and offers the widest range. Payment can be made in various ways, and addresses are easily added when placing an order.

Understand how everything works? For example, you found a smartphone for $ 60, take pictures and place an ad on OLX with a price of $ 80 already. A full prepayment is required and after receiving the money, simply place an order indicating the client’s address.

The scheme is simple, and make orders on these sites:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Someone will say - why would anyone buy an ad when they can place an order on the site? Indeed, it would be easier, but some people never even buy anything online, and by the ads they trust sellers.

Plus, you will communicate with them by phone, it also helps to locate the person.

It's okay that you do not have the goods on hand, earning on the OLX does not require it. If someone wants to see or "touch" the product, suffice it to say that it is not available (although it is advisable to buy a sample). Try to make money on mediation, as practice shows, this is a good method.

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