Earnings on mobile traffic with Mobamoba

With the advent of mobile devices, webmasters began to more actively adapt their resources to them.

On some resources, mobile traffic accounts for over 50 percent of all visits to the resource, and it would be silly not monetize it. Not sure how to make money on mobile traffic? Now we will tell you about one quality service.

Earnings on mobile traffic from is a great opportunity to increase total revenues from a resource by 20-50%.

Of course, it will be difficult to turn this system into the main source of money, because through it advertising will only be shown on mobile devices. But after spending a few minutes to register, you can get more profit from the site.

Earnings on mobile traffic with Mobamoba

Monetizing mobile traffic

After logging in, you will be given a code, you just need to paste it into your website. For convenience, detailed instructions for using Mobamoba have been developed, so you won’t get confused and can quickly set everything up.

Advertising looks like an additional block at the bottom of your resource, so it does not interfere and does not cause negative perception:

Earnings on mobile traffic with Mobamoba

There are 2 ad formats to choose from - these are teasers and context, which one will be displayed at the bottom of your site, decide for yourself.

The Mobamoba service was opened quite recently, but through it advertisements of the most popular networks are shown:

Earnings on mobile traffic with Mobamoba

This already shows the solidity of the system, and also guarantees the absence of "bad" ads on your website. In addition, the plans of administrators to expand cooperation and add a few more large projects to provide more advertising.

How much can you earn?

Given the type of earnings (profit from advertising), it is impossible to give exact figures. Your earnings will float, and in one day you can earn more than it is from last week. For convenience, a calculator has been developed on the Mobamoba website, with which you can calculate the approximate profit:

Earnings on mobile traffic with Mobamoba

With an indicator of just 1000 page views per day, you can get 6. 75 rubles from contextual advertising per day. This is not a lot of money, but over a month goes more than 2,000 rubles, while in the example we consider the profit for a site with 1000 views, which is quite a bit.

If there is an opportunity to receive more money from the site, then why not use it, especially since the majority of visitors to your site from mobile devices do not see banners and ordinary ad units, which means that such traffic is not monetized at all.

Installing the code from Mobamoba will require several steps to be taken, and this will not affect the promotion of the site and its optimization, try and earn.

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