Earnings on microloans with Volsor

Now one can observe how microcrediting is actively developing in Russia and there are more and more websites where people can borrow money.

A great example of the Money Man project, but experienced moneymakers try to go beyond the boundaries of the Runet, as in Europe it is much more often people use online loans, and the amount there is more.

Earnings on microcredit in Europe with - another opportunity to join the burzhunet and get decent money. The project is a kind of search engine for people who need urgent loans.

They go to the site and, the system finds the best offers for them, and if you attract traffic here, a decent profit is provided.

Earnings on microloans with Volsor

Look for borrowers in Europe and earn

Currently Volsor is working in Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. In the future, the administration plans to expand the scope of the project. Over 5 years of operation, the system has gained immense popularity and processes thousands of applications every day, paying large amounts to its partners.

Some people think that the countries with which Volsor works are not so developed, therefore it will be difficult to find clients for microcredit, however, the statistics show the opposite:

Earnings on microloans with Volsor

Huge the number of applications every day, and in order for your leads to appear in these statistics, you will have to work hard. The level of profit depends not only on the number of borrowers involved, but also on the quality of the leads:

Earnings on microloans with Volsor

Quality is determined by various criteria - customer’s credit history, solvency, age, blocking in other credit services. To get the maximum reward, you need to merge high-quality traffic.

If you can generate over 1000 leads a day, your income will increase by 20%.

Lead money is paid instantly, you don’t have to wait, and you can figure out the profit distribution scheme using the following table:

Earnings on microloans with Volsor

Collect traffic, send to the Volsor website or your own resource (created on a special CMS), then wait for the lead (getting a loan). After checking fraud and assessing the quality of the lead, profits are transferred to your balance.

Where to look for traffic for Volsor?

You can earn big money here only if you attract a huge audience. It is always more difficult to collect foreign traffic, but given the prospects, it is better to tinker and understand the intricacies. There are many options for collecting traffic:

  • you can put forms on your websites;
  • send people to landing pages from forums and social services. networks;
  • many banners and other promos are offered.

The most efficient option is traffic arbitration. Launching ads on the regional sites of these countries is not difficult, and the competition there is much lower than in America.

Difficulties can appear only when creating advertisements, but for this you can attract freelancers from the respective countries.

Despite all the difficulties of working outside the Runet, it is worth taking advantage of it, since it is an ideal way to achieve greater profitability.

If everything works out for you, and you start attracting people to Volsor, then save up 80 Euros ($ 100) on your balance and order payments on PayPal or Webmoney.

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