Earnings on medical advice in the system Liveexpert

Specialists from various fields of activity, with knowledge and experience, can help other people and earn money from it. They always paid for help in solving various problems, and they will pay, and depending on the area of ​​your knowledge, the demand for your services can be enormous.

Earnings at medical consultations is one of the ways to make money on your own knowledge, which is not for everyone. To get enough knowledge to provide such advice is not easy, but on the other hand, if your activity is in the field of medicine, this is a real opportunity to earn money on the Internet.

Earnings on medical advice in the system Liveexpert

How can a doctor make money on the Internet?

The demand for consultations with doctors is also due to the fact that many people want to find out about the disease anonymously therefore, they do not take into account the amount of payment for services. How much can you earn on this? You yourself will set prices, for example, for a half-hour conversation, you can get 300-400 rubles.

The most important thing is to achieve some popularity, after which it will be possible to safely increase the rates.

It is not necessary to be a physician with great experience and a wide range of areas. Some consultants are only indirectly related to the field of medicine, for example, are massage therapists. They also provide advice and the opportunity to earn money without leaving home.

Earnings on medical advice in the system Liveexpert

Where to provide advice?

You can organize your own website or blog on a specific topic and get clients from visitors. Yes, it will take time, and you will need to develop a site that will take a lot of time to fill, but on the other hand, this is the best way to use your knowledge.

If you don’t want to create a website, you can use such systems as. Many specialists already provide services on this site, you can become one of them.

It will be enough to register, and then systematically go to the site to process applications. When using this method, it is necessary to take into account that part of the profits will be transferred to the administration.

In principle, it is not only physicians who can make money on consulting on the Internet. With knowledge of cars, law, magic, and many other areas, you can also make money online.

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