Earnings on low-visited sites. Contema system

Many people today create their own websites and fill them with articles in the hope that it will bring them greater profits.

But to start receiving money, you will need to provide the site with either impressive attendance or a TIC and PR increase (for selling links). And what to do for beginners, are there really no options for earning?

Earnings on low-visited sites can also be organized. In the usual way, through the installation of ad units, you can earn money. The only difficulty is that the majority of advertising networks set requirements for sites, which specify the minimum threshold for attendance.

How to make money on a website with low traffic?

The Contema system was developed specifically for such sites.

Earnings on low-visited sites. Contema system

Through this project, you can set a contextual link, contextual advertising block or banner on your website. Payment is made for impressions, clicks and actions, while prices constantly float and depend on the activity of advertisers.

The Contema project appeared in 2013, so it is not so popular yet, but it is developing at a serious pace.

Platforms are accepted even with one unique visitor per day, and TIC and PR do not play a role at all. The most important thing is to offer SOD as a platform, filled with unique and useful content.

Sites on almost any subject are accepted - cars, business, beauty and health, the Internet, games, medicine, sports, construction, etc. As already mentioned, prices are floating, so tell how much you will receive complicated. Payments are made once at the beginning of each month.

Earnings on low-visited sites. Contema system

A small visitor to the site? This is not a problem!

Now, a little more than 135 sites have been added to the system, a start has been made, and positive reviews about this system are increasingly appearing on the Internet. If you have several sites that you actively fill with quality content, but which do not fit the requirements of other advertising networks, use Contema.

A unique system provides a real opportunity to earn money even for beginners. In conclusion, I would like to say that this ad network is not suitable for cheating, as the administration can at any time ask for access to statistics and, if suspected of cheating, write off all funds from the balance.

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