Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

Many users do not make money on the Internet, not because they do not know how, but because they simply do not know what methods are available here. Some of them require the implementation of basic actions that we do just like that every day. A vivid example is the activity in social networks.

Making money on likes without investments with a guaranteed withdrawal is not a divorce, even for the marks "I like" you can get a real income. Of course, these will be very small rewards, but in parallel you can increase profits by alternative methods, we will also tell about them on this page.

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

Earnings on likes on Instagram, Facebook, VK, OK, is it real?

Any actions in Internet is an activity, and it is often lacking for site owners. Someone is trying to promote their groups, others are trying to ad networks, where the requirements for the pages are set, with their help they increase interest in the records, others simply pay for likes, so that there are many hearts under their posts.

In this direction, several options have already appeared - promotion of their sites by buying likes, creating services for making likes and selling their likes, which we will talk about in detail. Money poured in here is decent, and advertisers are often asked to show other activities :

  • reposts;
  • comments;
  • subscriptions;
  • video views;
  • posting;
  • adding friends.

Those who decide to sell their likes should not be limited to just these actions. Otherwise, income will be too low. It is quite realistic to do 50-100 rubles for a couple of hours in completing assignments, and asy active users collect up to 500 rubles per day.

Pros and cons of earnings on likes and subscriptions

The advantages of this kind of side job are obvious - it's easy to start, no investment is required, the pages are not checked, you can use fakes. Plus, the work is available from mobile devices, there are no requirements for performers. The reverse side of the coin is a modest payment.

You will not earn much on likes, and if you try to automate the process with the help of bots, you risk getting a ban in services with wraps. Therefore, this job is suitable only for beginners. Do not believe in the headlines like "Earnings on likes 45 rubles for likes" - this is a scam.

What do you need to earn money on likes without investments?

At the start you need very little - an email box, accounts from social networks (preferably from all popular ones) and a wallet though being a single payment system. Most of the services with cheat payout via Webmoney, Payeer, QIWI or Yandex. Money. You also need a device to do the job and access to the Internet, from a computer to sell a link is much more convenient.

An example of making money on the Internet on likes

Beginners always need instructions in order not to get confused. We prepared it with the help of the service. This is one of the most popular sites for earnings in social networks. You do not need to register, simply log in through your Vkontakte account:

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

In your account you will see a menu where you can select the type of tasks to be performed. We are interested in likes, select the appropriate item, move the cursor to one of the orders and proceed to the execution:

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

We are immediately sent to the page with the record, we need to put “Like” mark:

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

Now we return to the system where we need to confirm the task, just press the button:

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

The reward is instantly transferred to the internal account. Repeat these actions until the tasks are over. In due course they will be added new, in parallel carry out other orders and not only Vkontakte. A reasonable amount for withdrawal, money can be transferred to your wallet:

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

In the case of V-like, the minimum amount is 50 rubles , and in addition to electronic wallets, offers transfers to the phone. In other systems, absolutely the same actions are performed, only the appearance is different. Please note that not all sites have a section for making money on likes, usually such instructions are mixed with other tasks.

Like earnings - a selection of the best sites

Wrap-up services are running a lot and this is good. To earn more likes, you need to register at once in all systems. As soon as the tasks on one site end, you move on to the next and continue to work.

The main thing is to choose verified projects, such as:

  1. - the official partner of Webmoney, who pays payments only to this payment system. Offers to perform tasks through all popular social networks. In addition there are arbitrary tasks (registration, download, clicks), paid surveys and pay for the installation of mobile applications.
  2. is the most popular service of cheating, accounts from several social networks are added, after which offers are received. To order a payment, you need to dial only 25 rubles. They are held on different bills and phone numbers. Recently added to the exchange of advertising for earnings on their groups.
  3. - a lot of generous offers, especially for those who have untwisted accounts. Here, after adding profiles, you need to send requests for execution. It is quite possible to get for like ruble. The biggest rewards come from posting links on the forums.
  4. - there are few tasks with likes, but there is a lot of other, more profitable work. Ask to write comments, reviews, articles, payment can be more than 100 rubles for one order. There is no minimum amount for withdrawal, transfers to Webmoney. Most orders come for Twitter.
  5. - the system is divided into several separate projects for different social networks. There is the lowest payment that attracts many customers. There are always a lot of tasks, for the likes there is a special section. You can get money from 50 rubles to a Webmoney wallet.
  6. - the foreign system, pays in euro to PayPal, AdvCash and Payeer. For comfortable work, they offer to download the program. It sets restrictions to prevent users from freezing pages. Minimal high - 30 euros, but if you find 20 referrals, it will drop to 10 euros.
  7. - not so long ago this service was completely redone and now there are much more orders here. Likes are asked to be seldom, most often they order reposts. Connect all your accounts (you can even several from one social network), the money earned is displayed when you dial 30 rubles.
  8. - from 50 rubles on Webmoney this old system pays. There are few orders, the average reward is 50 kopecks. In addition to orders in social networks, they offer to work with clicks and quests. Tasks are conveniently divided by social. networks, there are often new offers.
  9. - only suitable for making money on Vkontakte likes. There are other tasks on this social network. Payments of 50 rubles for Webmoney, QIWI and Yandex. Money held every Saturday. Active users receive bonuses, sometimes contests are held.
  10. - one more service supporting cheating only Vkontakte. Register and receive a gift of 25 points. Calculations are conducted in local currency, it is exchanged for rubles during withdrawal. There is a daily bonus of 10 points. Payments to different bills and phone number.

The work on all these sites is not much different, but they offer additional ways to earn money. Also, an affiliate program is available on each of them; you will be able to attract referrals and receive interest on the money they have earned or on the money spent on cheating.

Earnings on likes and reposts - ruble per like

The social networks offer slightly more complex tasks with higher pay. There are services through which arbitrary twists are ordered. There advertisers create orders and specify different requirements. You have to read the description every time before doing the work:

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

Here is a good example, asking to be liked on Facebook for 3 cent, and at the current rate this is about 2 rubles . Of course, no one pays Zlaik for 45 rubles here, but it turns out more than in ordinary services with twists. Advertisers compose instructions for performers (may specify additional requirements):

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

You spend more time studying all the conditions and searching for beneficial orders. Plus, you need to confirm the completion of sending the report. In this example, the advertiser asks him to send a link to the page, name and surname:

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

Although it is more difficult to perform such orders, experienced performers prefer just such a side job. Payment is higher, and the demands and reports are heard quickly.

Sites for making money on likes and other tasks

In services with arbitrary orders, you have to search for instructions on social networks. All systems have filters installed, so after going to the task list, you need to select the appropriate section. Please note, not all pay a lot for all actions, you need to look for the best deals:

  1. Wmmail - appeared in 2004, has been paying consistently for 15 years. Thousands of small tasks, earnings on visiting sites, attracting and selling referrals, writing articles. Payouts are available from 10 cents to all known payment systems and phone numbers (Russian operators).
  2. is a copywriting exchange, a cool, serious project for making a lot of money. Basically, the authors of articles are registered here, but in the job search section there are also minor assignments. The example above is made through this service. A weighty advantage is the ability to order a payment directly to the card.
  3. - earlier the project was used only for comments. Now there are many small tasks on social networks, they are available immediately after registration. Payment is not high, to get more, take the exam and write comments, for each of them the payment reaches 50 rubles.
  4. Seosprint is a simple click sponsor with payment for tasks and site visits. He ranks first in the number of orders, but the average remuneration here is not the highest. For likes pay for 30-60 cents. Payments to different bills + 2-level affiliate program.
  5. Socpublic is a similar project, where arbitrary tasks are also added. There is a filter for finding a job through social networks. Payments from 1 ruble, many different payment systems. Contests are held, there is an affiliate program with payments up to 60% of referral income.

It is not necessary to register on all of these sites, because each of them offers thousands of small assignments. Take on everything or choose only the most profitable - decide for yourself. We have already checked the projects, we have been receiving payments from them for years, no delays and hidden commissions.

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

Tips for increasing online earnings on likes

It would seem that we can recommend in such a simple way of earning, but even here there are chips and tricks that allow you to get more money. First of all, this case should be treated as an easy part-time job, you cannot make a fortune on this. But for revenues to be higher, use this:

  • connect absolutely to all services with a wrap, specifically with task likes, they don't appear so often;
  • choose projects and separate orders with the most favorable conditions, remuneration is different everywhere;
  • create more accounts in social networks with different parameters (male, female, different age, region, etc.);
  • pay more attention to affiliate programs, attracting referrals to such systems provides passive income;
  • after completing the order do not rush to remove likes, delete reposts, unsubscribe from groups, they will check you for a while;
  • do not look for bots to earn money on likes, they really are, but for their use accounts are blocked without withdrawing funds;
  • gradually begin to consider the services of markups as an advertiser, promotion of their sites is much more profitable.

Beginners like a side job on social networks, because it is simple and no attachments are needed. However, earnings on likes are an easy job with little pay. If you don’t limit yourself to likes, you don’t pick up more than 500 rubles on tasks for just one day.

Earnings on likes without investments in Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube

Earnings feedback on likes Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Youtube and Vkontakte

On sites with cheat social networks are registered millions of people. If they had not received money from these projects, this topic would hardly have been so popular.

There is money in the niche, and the best confirmation of this is feedback from real performers:

  • Anastasia - I work only with tasks that pay from 2 rubles. Most of all I do work on the Forum. Maksimma day received 600 rubles, I had to spend at the monitor in real time. You don't earn a lot on likes, you cannot limit yourself to just these assignments.
  • Eugene - in my free time I am working part time on the social twists. networks, arbitrary tasks, paid surveys and through mobile applications. I pay more attention to work in the social sphere, because it is simple. I prefer simple services with an average payment of 50-60 kopecks to subscribe / like / repost.
  • Boris - created a pack of accounts for different social networks and perform tasks through the services with the lowest pay (LikesRock and SMMOK). Let them pay less, but there are orders available. Of course, I would like to earn more, even a child can cope with this, much should not be expected.

These users use their earnings through likes and judging by how long they do it, they are all satisfied. Not vsetyaty build a successful career in the network and to achieve millions, some need an easy job without investments, and work in the social. networks for this ideal.

Earnings on likes of Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Youtube and similar sites should be tried by every newbie. The work is not dusty, yes, it is monotonous and not the most profitable, but it is simple and does not require investments. Spend a couple of hours, at least transfer the money to the phone, and then decide whether to continue.

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