Earnings on Jo-bing, completing tasks

Every day, a lot of videos are viewed on the Internet, various blog entries are commented, users go through registrations on websites and everything is done for free.

You can receive money for such actions, this type of work is quite common, and you can use it today .

Easy money doesn’t allow everyone to earn money on the net; on this website, small orders appear all the time that you can do without leaving your computer. At the moment there are not so many tasks here, but after spending a few minutes, you can earn some money and immediately withdraw money.

Earnings on Jo-bing, completing tasks

Completion of tasks for money!

On this site 2 types of users are registered bingers and Jober . If you plan to make money on assignments, then you become a binger. Jober create tasks, i.e., are advertisers.

Complete the usual registration, fill out your profile and set the avatar to go directly to the status of "Bronze", it will expand your opportunities and increase the percentage of referrals.

Work with tasks is so simple that even a child can handle it. In your account, on the tab " Tasks " you will see a list of available tasks:

Earnings on Jo-bing, completing tasks

Next to each name is the amount of remuneration. You need to select the order and click on it to get acquainted with all the requirements:

Earnings on Jo-bing, completing tasks

For example, you may be required to join the Facebook group and a few likes to post. After reading the conditions, press the yellow button:

Earnings on Jo-bing, completing tasks

A report form will immediately appear in its place, and you proceed to the necessary actions. When you’ve done everything, specify the information required by the advertiser (in our example, this is a link to the Facebook page):

Earnings on Jo-bing, completing tasks

Over the next 240 hours, Jober is obliged to check your report, otherwise his balance on the machine will write off the money in your favor.

Do not wait until payment arrives, immediately proceed to the execution of other tasks.

The more tasks you complete, the faster your rating will grow. It affects various factors:

Earnings on Jo-bing, completing tasks

As you can see, not only can you earn more money from referrals, but you also get better conditions for withdrawing funds and can leave feedback on tasks and users.

Attract as many referrals as possible using social networks, forums or your websites, this is profitable.

When you have more than 10 rubles on your balance, you will be able to withdraw funds to one of the electronic wallets:

Earnings on Jo-bing, completing tasks

Nothing difficult in earning money from tasks Jo-bing is not, the only problem is a small number of tasks. If you complete all orders on this site, go to other services - Wmmail, Seosprint, or. You will find over 40,000 simple tasks on all these click sponsors.

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