Earnings on investments with Maya Group

Internet users have a real chance to become richer and for this it is not necessary to perform complex work. There are investment projects where zeros are added to any amount over time. It is important to be careful when choosing a site, since scammers are now a dime a dozen.

Earnings on investments with the company

is a reliable and proven option by a huge number of users . The company has established itself on the positive side, and the money is invested in existing and popular projects. Maya Group me is not exactly a scam.

Earnings on investments with Maya Group

Maya Group reviews, can you trust them?

We already talked about the projects created by this by company. The most popular are (cheating in social networks) and (advertising publications in social networks). Both sites work not the first year, from them users steadily receive payments. I use them myself, here is my payment:

Earnings on investments with Maya Group

In order to attract investments in the development of their services, they chose the investment crowds system. In 2016, they launched a new project to offer profitable contributions. With other projects, accounts are merged, so you can not re-register on the site. Moreover, even the balance is combined, so you can earn on easy tasks and then start investing.

Find at least one reasoned negative review about the Maya Group. For the most part, they are all positive, because the company is well-known and stable. She offers to buy shares from their projects, each of them brings daily passive profits.

Investors are given 10% of the project income in which shares are redeemed. Also, developers are planning to launch new startups, it will be possible to invest in fresh projects. Deductions of 10% of net income are distributed among owners of shares, the amounts are huge, so it is profitable.

How to make money with the Maya Group?

Becoming an investor on the Maya Group is not difficult. So that the newbies didn’t ask many questions and could create a passive source of profit right now, we have compiled a detailed investment instruction:

  1. After logging in to your personal account (authorization or registration), you need to replenish the balance. Not so long ago, the company increased the number of ways the system is foreign, so most of the options are popular worldwide:
  2. Earnings on investments with Maya Group

  3. To start investing, you need to select "Buy shares" in the "Investments" section :
  4. Earnings on investments with Maya Group

  5. They cost 10 euros each, but this is only with a purchase from the company. Other users offer their shares at a higher cost. There will be no difficulties here, just press the "Buy" button and that's it:
  6. Earnings on investments with Maya Group

  7. Without departing far from the topic, in the investment section you can also select an item for selling shares. They are redeemed by the company and other users (offered for sale only after 30 days from the date of purchase):
  8. Earnings on investments with Maya Group

  9. Accruals are made every day, you need to dial the minimum amount for withdrawal (30 euros), to order payment to one of 3 payment systems:
  10. Earnings on investments with Maya Group

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that Maya Group investors have the opportunity to reduce the minimum amount for withdrawal. For this you need to invite 20 referrals:

Earnings on investments with Maya Group

We will tell about referrals and earnings on the affiliate program separately, this is another profitable option. Moreover, many users agree to invest in such a popular company.

How many make investments on the Maya Group?

Every day, the owners of the shares make a profit (at 00:00 CET). On the main page (go to it from the menu), there is a graph that shows the level of profitability for one share. Today, February 25, the profit is 0. 154%:

Earnings on investments with Maya Group

This is the daily return on investment, if taken for a month, it is 4. 62% (the data is constantly changing). The number of investors is increasing, but at the same time the profit of the Maya Group’s projects is growing. At the moment, among the depositors are distributed funds that come:

  1. For paying subscriptions for Posting Blues.
  2. Buying VIP statuses on LikesRock.
  3. Half of the rewards for completing tasks on LikesRock.
  4. Half of the rewards for posting blues.
  5. For the payment of banner advertising on sites.

No hidden patterns or unknown sources of profit. Everything is clear here, money is invested in large, well-known, popular, high-quality projects, they bring in income that is distributed among investors.

Earnings from the Maya Group on the referral system

You do not need to invest anything, if you use the service as a partner. All registered members receive unique links to attract new users and earn up to 31% of contributions.

Initially, you will receive 20% of the balance replenishment and 5% of the earnings in the system (such conditions on all Maya Group projects). If you attract 10 referrals, go to level 2 and get + 5% of deposits. After attracting 20 referrals to the third level, this increases the deduction from deposits to 1%:

Earnings on investments with Maya Group

Look for investors, as you wish, any ways to recruit referrals are suitable for cooperation with the company. Users are provided with promotional materials and simple links, you can even tell the service to your real friends.

Today Maya Group is one of the fastest growing companies in RuNet (although it is foreign). It is easy, and most importantly, safe to invest money in it, since such "giants" are extremely rarely closed. Look at the efforts made in the development and development of their projects, you will understand for yourself that developers can be trusted.

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