Earnings on hosting and domains with Uanic

The number of sites on the Internet is growing, and with it the demand for domains and hosting is increasing.

All this causes an increase in the emergence of new providers who earn decent money. To open your company would be a very profitable option, but this requires serious investments and a lot of knowledge.

Uanic Affiliate Program. name suggests to start making money on domains, servers, hosting and other services without investments.

Anyone can become a partner, and if you try hard and attract a lot of clients, the income will be decent. Their prices are not the lowest, but it has a good effect on rewards.

Earnings on hosting and domains with Uanic

In comparison with such hosting as or, it is a young company. It offers many services.

In addition to the fact that you can register domains in almost all domain zones, as well as use quality American or English hosting, here you can find:

  • Pre-registration of domains;
  • wholesale purchase of domains;
  • powerful servers;
  • SSL certificates;
  • website builder;
  • email service for Email mailings.

You can attract customers to use any services, in any case, you will be paid a reward. As already mentioned, the prices here are decent, for the cheapest hosting you have to pay almost $ 3 per month:

Earnings on hosting and domains with Uanic

The affiliate program is located at, and attract people You can almost any means other than spam and deception. Increased rates are good because partners receive a percentage of paid services:

Earnings on hosting and domains with Uanic

The affiliate program works with several levels, here instead of the first level, zero is used, so we can assume that the referral system is 3-level . In addition to the interest charged on the money spent in the system, count on fixed remuneration:

Earnings on hosting and domains with Uanic

Just imagine paying the dollar for an active sub-partner, i.e. a person who will also earn with Uanic. Conditions are favorable, and having a website to start is not necessary. According to the rules, you can attract customers and partners from any sites, for example, from social networks.

As a rule, in affiliate programs hosting providers overestimated the minimum payment threshold (on the same Eurobay - 1000 rubles).

In this regard, Uanic is different, since here the minimum salary is only $ 5. You can get paid in one of the following ways: WebMoney, LiqPay, VISA, MasterCard, WalletOne (applications process a maximum of 3 business days).

The income from the Uanic affiliate program directly depends on the invested forces. If you can attract 10 partners, get $ 10, the money is not bad, considering that the service is really useful and of high quality.

Start working right now, invite webmasters, arbitrageurs, partners, and many other people who need hosting, domains, servers, and related services.

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