Earnings on helping students with Napisaka (scam)

Many people earn money on writing term papers and dissertations, articles, essays and even cheat sheets, but almost all authors have one problem - this is a lack of clients.

Want to receive more orders? Then you need to pick up a popular service in which you will pay decent money for the work done.

Earnings on helping students with Napisaka. com (site closed), suitable for all authors who want to work remotely. This project was created specifically for everyone to order the writing of a particular type of work. Over 250 orders are processed daily by the authors of this project, and you can become one of them.

Earnings on helping students with Napisaka (scam)

Authoring on Napisaka

A lot of reviews have already been written on this site, so its popularity continues to increase.

Now there are no more than 2000 authors on it, and given the volume of new orders, you can be sure that you will not have to sit around.

How much is paid for the work?

Depending on what kind of work you do, the payment may be different.

Here are the recommended system prices:

Earnings on helping students with Napisaka (scam)

You can set the cost of your services higher, but remember that the more expensive it is less willing to use the services.

Besides the fact that with Napisaka you get a stable job with a free schedule , decent rewards and active support service, you expect various bonuses:

  • for positive customer reviews;
  • for attracting new users;
  • for doing work ahead of time;
  • for doing large amounts of work.

At the same time, the administration of the service notes that it cooperates with the authors under a special agreement, so there can be no problems with payment or withdrawal of funds.

You can make money on almost any kind of knowledge, and if you have it, help others solve the necessary tasks and you will be thanked. Know the price of your skills, because in order to join the ranks of the authors, you will not be required to obtain documents on education (with the exception of academic works).

Believe me, this work is much nicer than all the other options in reality used by students and those who have already completed their studies. And if you are not satisfied with something, then at any time you can stop your career development by receiving rewards for already completed projects.

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