Earnings on Gogetlinks, selling links from the site

The owners of high-quality sites have plenty of opportunities to earn money on the Internet. You can also create a website or blog, which after promotion and promotion will bring you profit.

One of the options for earning on your site is selling links. Already developed several exchanges for the relationship of optimizers and webmasters, and in this article we consider one of the most popular services.

Earnings are popular and proven. With the help of this exchange, you can earn solid money, but it will have to add eternal links to the site, which negatively affects trust and promotion. However, if you maintain the resource and do not add too many links, then the site will not go under the filters.

Earnings on Gogetlinks, selling links from the site

Selling links through Gogetlinks

Since 2009, this system provides services for webmasters and optimizers. After registering on this exchange, you will be able to add your sites if they meet the following criteria:

  • TIC at least 10.
  • The site is older than 6 months.
  • If the pages of the site no longer contain more than 3 links.
  • The index of Yandex and Google must be at least 80 pages.
  • Content must be unique.
  • The domain must be of the second level.

Do you already have such a site? Then you can start making money. If you don’t have a website yet, start creating it. For the half a year that the resource must exist according to the criteria, it can be promoted and a TIC over 10 can be obtained, and this will increase the cost of the links.

How do they make money on Gogetlinks?
There is nothing difficult to use this service. After you add a site and it will be moderated, you will see a list of optimizers who want to buy links. In addition, your site can attract the attention of optimizers, and they will submit to you an application for placing links.

A link is inserted into a thematic article, and the link anchor is meaningfully inserted into the general text. To get the maximum profit, write articles yourself. Let it be rewriting or translation, the most important thing is that the material is of high quality and unique.

Earnings on Gogetlinks, selling links from the site

How much can you earn on Gogetlinks?

It all depends on how many links you can sell, and how much they will cost . The average cost of links from the site (TIC 10-20) - 80 rubles. If you provide a site with a TIC of more than 150, you will be paid at least 200 rubles for each link. Conditions are more than attractive, and with a large amount of added materials, you can allocate substantial amounts every month.

Due to this monetization of the site, you will not only fill your resource, but also receive money for it, and all you have to do is add one or a couple of links to the text.

Is it worth working with this exchange? Definitely worth it. It is possible that the administration of the service will refuse to add the site to you, since only 20% of the sites are checked. Nevertheless, it is worth a try, because with the sale of links through Gogetlinks you can receive a stable salary every month.

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