Earnings on Ginads. How much can you earn with Ginads?

When there is a site, there are many different opportunities for earnings. The network has enough quality services through which you can monetize the site in various ways.

But it is best to use systems that offer a wide selection of advertising formats.

Earnings on banners is a great opportunity to get profit from a website of any subject.

Advertising on various subjects is launched through this banner network, including from the category of "+18". At the request of the webmaster, you can enable or disable it in the settings, so Ginads is suitable for everyone.

Earnings on Ginads. How much can you earn with Ginads?

Ginads Banner Network

Whatever advertising format you choose, the CTR will be high. Advertising quality and there are lots of options for shows. There are several block formats with ads to choose from:

Earnings on Ginads. How much can you earn with Ginads?

In which part of the site you add an advertisement, it is up to you to decide. On the formats page, you can see how this or that format looks like:

Earnings on Ginads. How much can you earn with Ginads?

Each option also offers several sizes, so you’ll find something for your site.

How much can you earn with Ginads?

You probably noticed that in every ad format there is a payment of 20 kopecks per switch. This is the very minimum that is charged for foreign traffic. If there are transfers from Russia, the minimum payment is 80 kopecks. And if you use the Message banner (imitation of the message VK or ICQ), then for RU traffic is paid from 1. 3 rubles for the transition .

Please note that these are the minimum rates, and the actual amounts are slightly different. The fact is that here advertisers in the auction mode set a certain amount for the referrals and those who pay more, get the first place in installing ads on webmasters sites.

As for cheating and clicking, it is better not to even try to do this. The administration may request access to statistics (Liveinternet) and you will be required to provide it. If a checkout is found, the profile is blocked and the money is not paid.

Payments come stably every week, you can order them on Webmoney or Yandex. Money. The minimum threshold is only 50 rubles.

To monetize a website through banners from Ginads is profitable and not difficult. Most importantly, there are no specific requirements for sites and you can make a profit from all sites at once. Also, the service does not limit the placement of multiple ad formats on one page, so you can add at least all the blocks at once.

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