Earnings on games and YouTube, Fred Pye earned $ 36,000

The most popular video hosting YouTube brings impressive profits not only to the creators of this project.

A huge number of people earn money with the help of this service, and not doing the hard work, but having fun at the same time. How? They play games and record videos, posting on their channel and profiting from advertising.

Earnings on games and YouTube can really bring impressive amounts? Of course, there are quite a few examples of this. A great example was demonstrated by 17-year-old Fred Pai , who has been running his own channel for about 2 years, posting GTA V recordings on it. Over the past year, he managed to earn $ 36,000 (more than a million rubles).

Earnings on games and YouTube, Fred Pye earned $ 36,000

Favorite Business + Youtube = Profit

Fred's videos collect a huge amount of views, according to Pie himself, his videos help players understand in passing and learning various chips. In addition, watching the video is interesting due to its comments and reasoning. As he states, it is difficult for him to combine training with channel management, but he tries to do everything in time.

Why did he choose this particular game? Because many gamers were waiting for her appearance, and after the release she received tremendous popularity. He chose the current game and initially opened the channel for the sake of entertainment, and when he noticed an increased interest in the commercials, he began to actively record them and help the players in passing.

Earnings on games and YouTube, Fred Pye earned $ 36,000

Another example of success

The game does not have to be new, have good graphics, and so on, the main thing is to be popular . So, Joseph Garrett manages to get good money from the channel on which he posts videos from the game of Minecraft.

Today it is “fashionable”, therefore its channel has collected almost 2 million subscribers, and videos are viewed by millions of users.

Everyone has a chance to build the same career by sitting at home and playing their favorite game. Naturally, your perspective will depend on the popularity of the game, so try to use the latest developments in the gaming field. You can try without deposits, and given the possible profit, it definitely needs to be done.

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