Earnings on game offers - for registration and activity

Increasingly appear about game offers cases and different instructions. This topic is of interest to many moneymakers, because attracting a new player is much easier than finding a buyer in an online store. At the same time, the reward can be quite good, especially if there is activity.

Earnings on game offers - payment for registration and activity is most often offered in such affiliate programs. Game developers get their benefit, partners actively advertise their projects and attract huge audiences.

If the game is interesting, it will definitely hook a large number of fans, they will not be able to tear themselves away from it.

Earnings on game offers - for registration and activity

Game Offers - Earnings on the Site and Without the Site

Computer games attract different audiences. They can be played by children as young as 15 years old, and also adult men, whose age is approaching the mark of 40 years old. This is such a large scatter of the audience in this niche, although it is even a plus. Almost any site you can find the right traffic.

As a rule, there are game offers with payment for registration. Often, even come across affiliate programs, where they pay the passage of a certain level or give a percentage of the player's expenses. For example, we chose one of the game offers with the popular CPA network:

Earnings on game offers - for registration and activity

20 rubles are paid for registration, another 110 receives a partner if the player is active. In general, 130 rubles for each registration, which is quite good.

It is easier to attract people to a browser game than to make a person buy a product or pay for some service. You will be attracted to entertainment, so even sending messages will not be perceived as spam.

With your own website, it is much easier to attract players, you put banners, you record videos, you write reviews. Without a site to do this is also quite realistic, but it is desirable to invest money in it.

Free methods make it too hard to get decent incomes. All of this, we now tell in detail.

How to choose a game offer for yourself?

Do not connect to all game offers at once, you need to select the best deals and look for suitable options for your traffic sources. Whether it’s a YouTube site or a channel, you’ll have to look for games that will definitely interest your target audience.

The most important factors are:

  1. Game type.

These are client and browser games. In the first case, the client needs to be installed on the computer, in the second case, the game is much simpler and can be entered through the browser. For registration in client games, the offers are paid more, but in browser games it is easier to get a lot of registrations.

  1. Traffic Type.

Filters are installed for each offer, be sure to see if your traffic sources are suitable. Such information is necessarily located on the description page. The most often prohibit contextual advertising on the brand, motivated traffic, mobile traffic (if this is not a mobile application):

Earnings on game offers - for registration and activity

  1. Advertising materials.

If there are no landings, banners and other promotional materials added to the offer, you will have to create them yourself. On the one hand, no one wants to mess around with it, on the other hand, you will create unique promotions, they will not be hackneyed for sure, and this is important when ordering advertising:

Earnings on game offers - for registration and activity

  1. Targeting.

Not all registrations in the game are paid, because traffic may not be suitable for the conditions. It is especially important to pay attention to GEO targeting. As a rule, in game offers restrictions on the countries.

We strongly recommend working with traffic from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus:

Earnings on game offers - for registration and activity

  1. Tariffs.

The most important moment when choosing an offer is the amount of remuneration and target action. Here you need to compare the available offers. For example, they can pay 20 rubles in one game for registration, while in another they will pay 60 rubles for passing levels. It is easier to attract 3 players and get paid for registration without waiting for their activity.

Rely on the most important moments when you decide with whom it is better to cooperate. For the most popular games, more than 100 offers are now created on CPA networks, there is a choice, so do not rush to use the first available offer.

CPA game offers, where to look for offers?

Occasionally there are online games that have their own affiliate program. Although there are exceptions - such as, with this affiliate program, I myself make money, through it, users are attracted to the browser game My Lands, where you can earn real money.

However, this is not about it now, but about game offers. A huge number of offers can be found on these sites:

  1. is the largest aggregator of partner programs, on which there are almost 1500 advertisers.Specifically, the game offers here are 125, there are exclusive ones. I will note the most convenient statistics.
  2. is also a well-known aggregator, currently offering 84 gaming offers (not counting games for mobile devices). Since 2015, this network has begun to actively develop, here too there are original proposals.
  3. - for earning on gaming offers, this is the best project. After personal use, I identified several drawbacks, a long download, not the most convenient interface, and confusing statistics.
  4. - 31 offers on online games are now available here. This project includes several systems at the same time, including the CPA network. I did not like the fact that payments come once a month and it’s inconvenient to use banner codes.
  5. - about 30 offers are available on this site, there are many exclusives. For example, recently added a game that is positioned as an investment project (a game with a withdrawal of money).
  6. - I got acquainted with this affiliate program when I learned that it is possible to attract traffic through Wmmail tasks. Not the most popular CPA network, there are only 11 offers for games.

These sites are enough to start making money on affiliate programs for online games. The only point is that almost everywhere you need to add a source of traffic. If you do not have a website, then create at least a group in social networks (to use it as a landing page).

Screw at least 10-30 thousand participants so that the site is accepted on all aggregators.

How to pour a lot of traffic on game offers?

The answer is obvious, you need to create more traffic sources and more actively unwind them. For example, start a blog about games, a game channel on YouTube, or at least a group on social networks. However, the development of the site will take a lot of time, the more serious competition.

It is possible to provide a quick start if you invest money. Choose any advertising service and add banners to it with CPA networks. You pay advertising and start pouring traffic to game offers in tons.

The more you spend on advertising, the more you manage to attract players. Who does not believe that this is a profitable business, here is an example of statistics:

Earnings on game offers - for registration and activity

Only game offers with different rates were used. Bought advertising through different teaser networks. In general, any advertising services will do here, as long as the list of available traffic sources does not prohibit their use.

You can order advertising on these sites:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Banner and teaser ads need to be tested. When you set up advertising campaigns, be sure to choose platforms with a suitable target audience (of the main ones - male gender, age from 14 to 36 years).

Do not forget that you can order advertising through groups on social networks. To do this, use the service:

Earnings on game offers - for registration and activity

In addition to the most popular communities, an order of advertising in lesser-known groups is available on this exchange. What are they needed for? Prices for posts are humane, not everyone has 10-20 thousand rubles to buy ads on MDK. In addition, you first need to test everything with minimal costs.

Free ways to make money through affiliate programs with gaming offers

Do you have a platform and start-up capital to buy advertising? You can start with free methods of attracting traffic. You have to spend a lot of time and work, but you manage to take the first steps from scratch. Where can you place promo (banners, links and teasers) for free?

  1. Choose pages on other websites with comments and gently recommend projects. Try to make the comment not look like spam.
  2. Add an ad on your page on social networks. To see it as many people as possible, use the appropriate hashtags. And also be active, attract users to your page.
  3. Look at the question and answer services for entries about games. Many people are interested in it, in what to play, in which games there are no paid features, and so on. In the answer should be not only a link, but also some kind of related information.
  4. It is impossible not to say about the most popular method - forums. On them, you can easily create your own themes with descriptions of games or you can leave a promo in the comments. Choose any forums, in smoking rooms you can create topics for games, this is entertainment.
  5. Now the best way to collect free traffic is YouTube. On it you can upload videos with reviews of games. Through WordStat, find the main game queries and use them as headlines.
  6. Look for other sites where it is allowed to post your materials and share links. A vivid example of this, which is filled with copy-paste. Site attendance is high, so it’s realistic to attract players.

It’s impossible to compare these methods with advertising campaigns, they are less effective. But there is an advantage - you do not need to pay anything. Perhaps one of these methods will help to raise start-up capital in order to later invest it in advertising.

Game Offers with Pay Per Registration - earning pitfalls

There are no ideal ways to earn money. Everywhere there are nuances and disadvantages. Work with CPA networks is no exception. Beginners are constantly faced with difficulties, but due to lack of experience they cannot solve them.

You need to know where the rakes are laid out so as not to step on them.

Let's look at the pitfalls of earnings on gaming and other offers:

  1. Pay per action.
    Newbies often do not understand that passing levels in games is a difficult action. Not all players will be active, many will refuse to continue only by trying and registering. Therefore, it is better to start with game offers with payment for registration.
  2. High competition.
    Through the same social networks, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find targeted traffic. Thousands of advertisements, completely clogged with targeted ads, all this makes you look for new efficient sources of traffic.
  3. Risks.
    When using traffic arbitration (buying advertising), there are serious risks of losing money. Throw all your savings into this business is not immediately worth it. Yes, the direction is profitable, but without experience there is nothing to do.
  4. Testing offers.
    Before you run serious advertising campaigns and spend large sums on it, you should check the effectiveness of the offer yourself. Not all games are equally attractive, as well as promotional materials.
  5. Motivation and perspectives.
    When you buy traffic and send it to gaming offers, no one can immediately achieve a lot of profit. To reach stability and receive decent rewards, you need to go long and hard to this, without giving up, even if you failed.
  6. Attention to trivia.
    It is important to pay attention to details, which are quite a lot in work with CPA offers. We need to constantly analyze the statistics, monitor the quality of traffic from different sources, correctly identify the target audience, and so on.

No matter how much you study theory, you will still make mistakes, I say this to you, based on your own experience. But the prospects in this niche are serious, if you understand everything well, choose for yourself high-quality traffic sources and learn how to identify decent offers, the profit will be solid.

Starting work with CPA networks, try to find gaming offers with payment for registration without Hold.

First, registration is the simplest action.

Secondly, the lack of a hold will make it possible to quickly receive money and put it into circulation again. Find at least 5-10 thousand rubles for an effective start and do not buy cases for anything, it is better to spend this money on practice, personal experience is more important than any theory.

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