Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

All areas of earnings on the Internet need to be considered, especially if they already bring good money to other users.

Exclusive customized products have always been in great demand. Especially if this applies to children, because none of the parents save on them.

Earnings on fairy tales and not a fabulous income really secure for yourself at the expense of one affiliate program. In addition to selling other people's products, you can show your talents and write fairy tales for sale yourself.

Well, those authors who want to achieve something serious should consider the option with publishing houses.

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

Online store is engaged in manufacturing and selling unique tales. The client sends the photos of his child before the purchase; he becomes the main character in an amazing story. After payment, the book is sent by mail. The price for such a product is not small:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

A high price tag plays into the hands of partners, because 15% is charged for each order. You can find buyers anywhere, starting with social networks and ending with offline (advise a friend). The online store has been operating since 2008, it is full of positive reviews.

Instructions for the SkazkiPro partnership program

The first motivation to register on this site is a welcome bonus. Each new partner receives 750 rubles to his account. Immediately they can not be withdrawn, because the minimum withdrawal amount is 3,000 rubles.

The registration itself is simple, you go to the affiliate program and fill out the usual form:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

When you will attract customers through your link, promise them a 50% discount. This is done for improved sales performance. In the personal account, on any page, there is a link above, on which you need to attract people:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

It is interesting that through one affiliate program you can cooperate with other stores. In the "Companies" section you will find promotional materials and terms of cooperation with other sites. For example, kidswear and shoes are sold at Kidsgoout, 15% are also charged for their sale:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

The same people can be invited to several sites at once and receive rewards. How big they are depends on the value of the goods.

As for payments, they are carried out on popular payment systems and on credit cards. The partner chooses the minimum threshold (the lowest is 3,000 rubles):

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

This is such a simple affiliate program with decent rewards. If you receive at least 300 rubles from each sale, then for attracting 10 customers, a profit of 3,000 rubles comes out.

It already depends on the activity, if you work at this level 20 days a month, you earn 60,000 rubles a month from fairy tales.

How to create a simple website for making money on fairy tales?

To work with large affiliate programs, it would not be superfluous to create your own website. You will send people to it to tell them in detail about the offer. In addition, you do not have to send long affiliate links.

In a couple of hours you will create a simple website with a service. The system is made specifically for beginners who do not want to bother. The only caveat will have to pay 990 rubles at the cheapest rate.

But for this you will get a huge number of templates, various tools and so on. Here registration is also not difficult:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

After that, go to your personal account and proceed to add a new page. Just one page is enough, because the main thing for us is to interest the buyer:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

Add a page to the site for a couple of minutes. Enter its name and add information through the constructor. Place texts, pictures, add banners with affiliate programs:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

In the future you can add a few more pages. Most importantly, do not forget to put an order form in order to receive customer data. Then you place an order on their behalf (you can simply put a banner and direct clients to SkazkiPro):

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

Creating your own website is the best idea. It comes in handy for different purposes, it is easier to attract traffic with it, it is promising, convenient, and many other tools are available. However, not all beginners are ready to understand this and even more so, to pay money.

5 ways to find buyers of fairy tales

On the Internet at every "corner" they sell and offer something. Therefore, it is not so easy to find buyers for any product. You have a trump card up your sleeve; this is a 50% discount for buyers and an exclusive product. In addition to creating your own site, use these methods:

1. Social networks

Immediately after registration, create posts on the wall of each of your account in the social. networks.Make beautifully advertising record, be sure to tell about the discount. More experienced users create groups and publics.

You do not need to pay for such advertising, and if you create (buy) a bunch of accounts, you can do mailing and commenting:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

2. Forums

Find forums with relevant topics (for mummies) and create topics with a sentence on books. On these same sites, advertise products for other companies (clothing, albums, etc.). The way is free, but you have to tinker.

For moderators not to delete records, they should be useful. Make instructions for the buyer, imagine the benefits, post reviews that you bought yourself a book.

3. Email mailing

By email, too, really look for buyers. Using the first two methods, specify your mailbox so as not to publish the affiliate link (it can be blocked).

Communicate with potential buyers or set up automatic replies (how to set up an answering machine in the mail).

4. Offline work

Outside the Internet is full of customers. Start with your friends for different holidays and birthdays, a unique fairy tale - a great gift. Offline taking orders, you can also make your own markup. Here are some ways that are suitable for this:

  • to use retail outlets for advertising;
  • to offer books in kindergartens and schools;
  • to distribute business cards and flyers;
  • order advertising on radio or television.

In essence, this will turn into a small business with serious prospects. Alternatively, offer a 50% discount only in case of a mass order. For example, a discount for paying for books by a whole group of kindergarten. This will be a motivation for customers and bring you more profit.

5. Paid advertising

It is not a pity to invest money in your business. Internet advertising will not incur huge expenses if you know where to order it. Many services have been created, through which banners, newsletters and much more are ordered:

  • orders for placing links through social services are available. networks and blogs;
  • to order advertising in social groups. networks;
  • do not offer the cheapest advertising in the browser;
  • through order advertising on other sites;
  • with redeem places on the sites for a month;
  • in the system of advertising lines payment for views;
  • social media advertising exchange offers humane prices.

Even for a couple of thousand rubles, it’s really possible to conduct a powerful advertising campaign. There are indeed many customers on the Internet, and in order to effectively use advertising networks, it is advisable to launch your own website.

A good option for finding buyers is advertising on Instagram. Get a social network account and fill it with examples of books.

It is always hard to start, fairy tales are not the most popular goods, but the contributions are substantial. Plus, subsequent purchases by your attracted customers will also earn interest.

Earnings on short author tales

The main idea of ​​this article is presented, but I would like to briefly tell you about other options for making money on fairy tales. For creative people who can write short stories, copywriting is available. This type of earnings involves the sale of text content to site owners.

On the


websites, anyone can put up for sale texts and articles, regardless of the subject matter.

There are so many websites that any content is in demand. Your customers can be owners of sites for children, blogs for moms and many others. Whether fairy tales on stock exchanges of articles are on sale? Of course, the authors add new materials all the time:

Earnings on fairy tales from 60 000 rubles per month with the site SkazkiPro

The price is different for everyone, its author establishes independently. Take for 1000 characters for 20-30 rubles and sales will be much more active. As soon as you get positive feedback, you can raise the rates.

In addition, copywriters often receive offers for a permanent job. This is a good job for talented visionaries.

Let the fairy tales not the most popular product on the stock exchanges, but everything is simple. Wrote a story, put up for sale and waiting for payment. It is important that buyers do not see the full text until they pay the money. They decide on the purchase only by name and description made by the author.

How can a writer - storyteller make money?

Authors of fairy tales have a more interesting way to develop their careers. Why not repeat the success of JK Rowling, who came up with a story about Harry Potter? At first, her “fairy tale” was not taken seriously by publishing houses, no one wanted to cooperate with her, but now she is a millionaire.

Just for creative people, there is an interesting article on our blog - how to write and publish a book.This option of making money on fairy tales is the most difficult, but the prospects here are the most solid. It is hard to get through, you have to be a real professional, look for proofreaders, unwind.

Therefore, not many people decide on such a serious step. On the other hand, there is no more interesting way to apply your talent. This is the best way for the writer, opening wide opportunities.

First you can try writing an e-book and selling it. An interesting option? Then an article about 5 steps to infobusiness is useful to you.

Earn money by selling exclusive fairy tales, work with copywriting exchanges, or use talents for a serious business? You will have to answer this question yourself.

No one except you knows what you are capable of and which option is more suitable for you.

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