Earnings on doorways. An example of the use of doorways

The most profitable types of earnings on the Internet require a professional approach and cannot cope with them without some knowledge.

A great example is earning on doorways, in which you need not only to be able to create websites, but also to learn quickly promote them with black optimization methods.

Today, earnings on the doorways are not used as actively as before, as search engines quickly determine not quality resources, and after they fall under the filters, you can forget about using them. However, experienced professionals continue to do this and according to their stories, it is very profitable.

Earnings on doorways. An example of the use of doorways

How to earn money on doorways?

First you need to decide what is a doorway at all. Doorways are small sites that are created to redirect traffic to other sites.

In order for them to bring a lot of traffic, webmasters deliberately use black optimization methods (mostly with key words) and thus achieve high positions. When the site goes to the TOP, a redirect is established from it and each visitor on the machine goes to another site.

As you may have guessed, they use doorways not only to earn money, but also to promote resources. But traffic from such sites can be used not only to increase traffic to their sites, it can be converted in other ways.

An example of using doorways

For example, someone decided to sell tires for bicycles and creates a main site where users can order a product, view an assortment, ask prices, and so Further. In order for the resource to come as many customers as possible, several simple sites are created, tailored for the main keywords.

Several high-frequency queries are selected, and then one-page (or several pages) sites are created where the texts are brightly re-spammed with keys. A fast-response machine can take them to high positions in a few hours, and the webmaster redirects and receives traffic to the main resource.

Earnings on doorways. An example of the use of doorways

How do search engines respond to doorways?

Doorway use is a black optimization method, so search engines have a very negative attitude towards such methods . On Yandex, algorithms have already been implemented for a long time, with the help of which copies of doorways are found.

As soon as a doorway is detected, it not only falls under the AGS, but also by its parameters they are looking for webmasters .

In order for the doorways to live as long as possible, you need to determine the IP of search robots and show them the usual page without redirection.

A huge number of indicators are taken into account, from IP and domain name registrar , to the format of the page name and the used CMS. Due to this, search engines easily find dishonest webmasters and can block all their sites. Consequently, it is very dangerous to make money on doorways.

How do you earn money on doorways?

In order to make money on the GE network, you need to find a profitable traffic conversion offer. Finding a direct customer is difficult, so the easiest way is to use affiliate program aggregators. Each network has offers where you can use doorway traffic:

Earnings on doorways. An example of the use of doorways

After filtering by type of doorway traffic, ActionPay found 254 offers through which you can drain traffic. If you decide to use this option, try to look for favorable conditions for affiliate programs in Admitad.

How to start making money on doorways?

It is technically quite difficult to create a huge number, even small sites. If you want to try to do this, register on the hosting. For 150 rubles you can get hosting for 5 GB. under 50 sites . There is also an auto-installer CMS, which allows you to save time well.

Another chance to increase the lifespan of the doorway is the use of high-quality content. Try to keep your spam level with keywords within 30%.

Professional webmasters who create doorway grids use special programs - dorgens. This software allows you to quickly generate a huge number of sites, but it is expensive. The network can find a huge number of such programs, but think carefully before you buy.

Incomes from doorways are impressive, but in order to achieve them, you will have to learn a lot and constantly take risks.

Under the doorway filters go quickly, and the task of the webmaster is to have time to get the maximum benefit from this. Do you have it or not? Try it, everyone starts with something, but remember that this is a dangerous method for promoting your resources.

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