Earnings on compiling online tests from A to Z

Composing tests is not the most popular among the ways of remote earnings, because many people believe that this requires special programming skills. In fact, everything is not so difficult, the main thing is to understand at the beginning, how this system works.

It may seem that on paid tests it is impossible to earn decent money, because who will take the survey for which you need to pay.

The Internet is full of free tests, and most likely the product will simply be lost among such a vast choice. But you can really make money, the main thing is to understand how to make users pay for your work.

Earnings on compiling online tests from A to Z

So, how do you get revenue from creating online tests?

Previously, all tests were free . It could be polls on knowledge of history, compatibility tests for signs of the zodiac or names, search for the ideal country of residence, etc.

At this stage, they developed their popularity - it was interesting for people to learn something new about themselves get a personal result and evaluate your knowledge. It is an individual approach and a separate result for each user were the key to the development of such online tests.

Here lies the secret of the success of all testing - they are interested in the person orientation to him, in fact, turning to the human ego. This principle has always worked, it includes psychological techniques. So feel free to get started!

Earnings on compiling online tests from A to Z

What is the earnings of

After creating the test, any employee will think - and how do I get a profit from it? After all, everything that goes on the Internet for free use loses its uniqueness.

In your test, access to the results should be given only after sending an SMS or entering a minimum amount. But in order for the user not to leave the test page after the need to pay appears, he must be incredibly intrigued by the result.

When a person spends 30 minutes to pass an interesting test that, for example, tells him the origin of his last name, he will be as motivated as possible to send an SMS and pay a small amount to find out the result. Having spent so much time and attention, the user will not hesitate to pay for the shipment, wanting to quickly find out what their answers are saying.

Tests are created quickly and easily, unlike games or applications, and at the same time are fairly easy to monetize. Therefore, if you have a good idea and ability to ask questions, you can easily try your hand at this. But there are a few points, besides the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtesting, that will predetermine the success of your product, and help you improve revenue.

Earnings on compiling online tests from A to Z

1. Design

Everyone loves beautiful pictures, backgrounds, fonts. About 49% of success depends on the style and design of the payer. Actually, the conversion (the number of SMS sent by users) of this payer directly depends on the design. Everyone is pleased to see the pastel colors on the page, patterns, original fonts or unusual solutions to the windows with questions.

Everything the user comes in contact with should be pleasant to the eye. Do not stint on a good designer, because your final income will depend on it. An excessively bright or too boring design will scare users who will no longer return to your products.

On average, with a drastic change in the design, the conversion may increase by 3 times. Even if you earn 2000 rubles, this will bring you 6000, which is much nicer.

Earnings on compiling online tests from A to Z

2. Promotion

Nothing will be successful on the Internet without a thought-out promotion. Any business needs advertising, and your tests are no exception. If users do not know about your site - the income will be absent. Therefore, first of all, after creating the tests, get into advertising. You can use both paid and free ways to promote your resource.

- free.

Free ways of advertising are less effective, but more accessible. Therefore, if you want to save on this criterion, post your links in thematic groups on social networks, tell about yourself on the forums.

The process of advertising is long and tiring, since you need to do it yourself, while looking for sites where the advertisement will be successful.

- paid

It is safer and easier to use paid methods. The principle works in any business: invested 100, received 500 . Do not be afraid to make initial investments; your future earnings and success will depend on them. Good advertising resources: Yandex Direct (/), which has proven itself in the network and Runner (). Prices on the sites are acceptable, you can promote your site at no extra cost.

If you have a good idea and you are sure that users will be interested in such products, then start working.Pay attention to such related things as the design and quality of the site, this is where you do not save. The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to earn money, so you should start developing your resource now.

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