Earnings on communication with foreigners - 30 euros per hour

Cute and attractive girls can get a lot of money on the Internet just for chatting in video chat rooms.

The way to make money is interesting, which is why many articles have been written about this on the web. As in any other niche, it is advantageous to go beyond the geographical boundaries of your country, since completely different money is spinning in burzhunete.

Earnings on communication with foreigners will suit courageous temptresses, who know what men want and who can demonstrate all their charms.

Nobody forces you to undress in front of the camera, there are other methods to attract attention to yourself, but there must be an erotic subtext in the broadcasts.

Earnings on communication with foreigners - 30 euros per hour

Profitable chat rooms with foreigners

You can try to search for foreign users who want to chat with Russian beauty through social networks or forums. It takes a lot of time, and the hardest thing to agree on payment. Neither side can give a guarantee, which is the main problem.

Therefore, it is better to use special sites. We recommend girls from Russia to register with BongaCams, as there are more foreigners there. Thousands of girls are already registered here, you can go in and watch their broadcasts:

Earnings on communication with foreigners - 30 euros per hour

Each model decides for itself what framework to install and how much time to spend in the chat.

In addition, they disable Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet space in the settings in order not to meet friends. Although many are not limited to this, blocking only a few cities so as not to lose a large audience of potential customers.

To start, no investment and special skills are required. Turn on the camera and start showing the show. The more interesting it is, the more often there will be invitations to a private chat, and this is the main income of the models.

How to attract attention?

It’s not so easy to stand out from other models, girls come up with something interesting and foreigners come to their broadcasts in droves.

They don’t always ask to undress or show private parts. Some just want to talk or even speak. Foreign viewers in this regard are much more interesting.

If you are serious and want to achieve popularity in certain circles, use the secrets of successful webcam models.

There are girls who have worked in this niche for the first year and have won good fame in video chat rooms. They no longer have to sit in the general chat for a long time, they almost immediately go to private.

You need to look attractive, use a high-quality camera, make interesting shows and constantly invent something new. For example, one model spends games in its broadcasts, undressing only if it collects the necessary amount.

You have to do something to stand out from the gray mass. Include fantasy and do not forget that men prefer cute and not vulgar girls. Americans prefer modest slim models.

How much does it bring in by chatting with foreigners?

We have a separate article on this topic - how much money does the Bongacams and Runetta web models earn?

Generally speaking, a beginner model can receive from $ 500 every month. More experienced girls earn many times more, but for this they have to work several hours a day.

From all that the audience will pay you during a private chat, the system gives half. Too big percentage? But here you can make a profit for days and, guaranteed receive payments in several ways:

Earnings on communication with foreigners - 30 euros per hour

The model reviews are very different, someone cannot even collect $ 100 , but it is rather their personal problem.

Even if you sit in a general chat and don’t undress, but just communicate, you can count on customer gifts. But it is better to lure them to privates, since there every minute is paid separately.

TOP models receive an average of for 30 euros per hour of communication with foreigners . So that you do not doubt how profitable this business is, look at how much money the girls have earned over the past month:

Earnings on communication with foreigners - 30 euros per hour

As you can see, the most active model collected about $ 20,000, which is almost 1. 3 million rubles. A gigantic sum, and this model does not have any outstanding parameters.

A simple girl who works a lot, to enter the TOPs among the models:

Earnings on communication with foreigners - 30 euros per hour

Every week at Bongacams there are contests among the models, and played out $ 20,000. This is a serious reason to think about what to show this in order to become a leader.

For many women, such activities seem not to be acceptable, but why not try? Absolutely everyone will be able to communicate with foreigners for money, and before that it is advisable to learn English, since it is too difficult to understand what the interviewee is talking about and what he wants in another way.

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