Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

Millions of people work on clique sponsors, getting small sums for it. Not everyone wants to understand something difficult, so they do not even consider alternatives.

If you don’t have to invest, you will have to study for a long time, which is also not interesting. However, you can always find similar systems with increased profitability.

The best earnings of bitcoins with bucks - the ability to receive cryptocurrency with minimal time. On this site you can easily browse surfing sites and earn crypto money through referrals. Both options are interesting, but they are very different in profitability.

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

BTCclicks reviews, conditions, earnings

Millions of users are already registered on this site. It opened in 2013, the ways of earning are simple.

Btcclicks we presented similar stubs in the article about Bitcoin earnings on surfing and clicks. There are a lot of analogs, but the conditions are different everywhere and no system offers such benefits.

To get a closer look at the BTCclicks service, let's take a look at some of its features:

  • advertisers get links to sites from real people;
  • mandatory presence on the tab when counting the timer;
  • viewing duration varies from 10 to 200 seconds;
  • for the viewed site is paid no more than 0. 00548 MVTS;
  • if the referral looks at the site, no more than 0. 00438 MVTS;
  • to withdraw money, you need to collect 0. 1 MVTS;
  • referral income can reach 80%;
  • profit can be increased by purchase ki premium.

It is worth saying a little more about the last point. A paid account doubles your income (both from surfing and referrals). There is a premium rate is not cheap, for 3 months will have to pay almost 8 MBTC. You can make a more profitable purchase, if you choose an extended validity period:

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

Increases by 2 times and the income from rented referrals. The maximum you have an account or not, the cost of renting one referral will be 0. 0045 mBTC. You can buy them immediately for a week, 15 or 30 days. Only those referrals that have made at least 25 clicks in the last 5 days are given:

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

Given the cost of referrals and the amount you get for their clicks, it is not difficult to calculate the possible profit. The only moment is activity. It is impossible to predict exactly how many rented refs will come. For example, rent for a week was framed, in the first 14 hours the statistics are as follows:

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

Refs made 110 clicks in half a day, in 24 hours it is quite possible to reach the level of 200 clicks. In a week it turns out 1400 views, which bring a maximum of 0. 00438 MBTC. Issued in 7 days 6. 132 MBTC (these are only approximate calculations). Money is withdrawn instantly:

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

Honest books for earning Bitcoins BTCclicks is popular, more abroad. The system is of high quality, and every newbie here can easily earn money both on referrals and on site visits.

How to make money on BTCclicks?

There is no Russian language on the site, so beginners have some difficulties. The first thing to do to receive electronic money is to open an account.

A bitcoin XAPO wallet is opened in a few minutes, and the received address is required for registration with BTCclicks. It is indicated on the main page, this is the first step in creating an account:

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

I would like to tell you about the affiliate program right away. Conditions are favorable, and if you decide to buy a premium, then you definitely need to invite referrals, because for their clicks you will be charged at 0. 00000071 BTC. You will find the affiliate link in the corresponding section, there are also several banner formats:

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

For newcomers to BTCclicks, the main income is visiting sites. Every day in the Surf Ads section appear advertiser offers. Basically, they ask to see the resource for 10 seconds, by default the sites are sorted by price per view:

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

After opening the site, you need to wait until it is fully loaded. Only then does the timer appear. When the time is up, you need to pass a captcha check and after that money is immediately credited to the balance:

Earnings on clicks and referrals with BTCclicks

It is advisable to go to the site and check the resources available for viewing several times a day. As practice has shown, more of them appear at night.

BTCclicks reviews from the start receive positive. Over the course of several years, the system has been running smoothly and is generating income, even if it is not so big, but in crypto money, their course can fly skyward at any moment.

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