Earnings on cartoons: high income business scheme

Every fan of the World Wide Web at least once thought of starting a profitable business in his favorite field. Work on the Internet attracts working conditions: you do not need to go to work, be counted out in front of the director and ask for leave for the weekend.

You may have already experienced your skills in a certain activity, but realized that this job is not for you. In such cases, we recommend that you follow the rule - "The case did not go? Open another!".

Earnings on cartoons: high income business scheme

If you want to be rich and successful, believe in yourself and look for something that can bring not only regular income, but also a certain pleasure. Simply put, a hobby is the best idea for business!

Our today's article will be of interest to fans of animated series that have repeatedly reviewed funny stories about The Simpsons and South Park. These cartoons are distinguished by an extraordinary storyline that attracts not only children, but also adult viewers.

We will reveal to you a very interesting scheme, thanks to which you will be able to earn good money online for uncomplicated work. Well, now in order.

Earnings on cartoons: high income business scheme

Work plan or what is within your competence

Fans of popular cartoons often order their portraits in the form of heroes. For this service, they are even willing to pay quite decent money. We suggest you do exactly this thing! Even if you are not able to draw beautiful portraits of people, transforming their real image into a cartoon character, you will have every opportunity to translate the conceived idea into reality.

The plan of action is as follows:

  1. Create an advertisement on the Internet about your service.
  2. Look for customers.
  3. Take an order to create a portrait. The client must give you your photo (well, or a photo of your friend, with whom you need to write an image)
  4. Take the prepayment or the full cost of the work, as agreed with the customer.
  5. You give the order for a portrait to a real artist (you only need to find such a person beforehand, so that later there will be no delay in the delivery of the finished work).
  6. Naturally, the payment for his work will be less than the amount that you have announced to the client. This difference will be your profit.
  7. Ask the artist in advance how long a portrait will be painted. This information should be provided to the real customer.
  8. When the finished portrait is ready, pass it on to the client. That's the whole secret to making money on animated series!

But not everything is so simple! Business promotion on the Internet on this topic will depend on some factors (also read - "What is business on the Internet"). In order for your online service to be in demand, and in the process of work there are no unforeseen difficulties, it is necessary to act according to the already checked scheme, which we will tell you now!

Earnings on cartoons: high income business scheme

Scheme of work

If you can not draw portraits on your own, you will have to find an experienced artist. On the Internet there are many ads from people who paint beautiful paintings, portraits and cartoons for relatively little money.

Choose the best option for financial gain. It is also important to pay attention to the workmanship, the work of the artist should appeal to the customer, otherwise there will definitely not be a demand for your service.

In order not to be misled, discuss with the artist in advance about the possibility of writing portraits in cartoon style to order. Agree on a price and warn you that you will only give orders as they are received. When the issue with the artist is resolved, you will need advertising on the Internet (advertising on the Internet, its types and advantages).

Now let's talk about the possibility of working without intermediaries. If you have certain skills of the artist, you can easily cope with this activity, and the amount of your income will increase significantly, because you will not need to share the payment received for a portrait with a third party.

How to draw Simpsons or the characters of the cartoon "South Park" can be viewed on the Internet. On the popular video hosting YouTube there are vivid art lessons in this genre. Watch a few videos, practice and soon you will realize that drawing a hero from these animated series is not difficult at all!

Another recommendation: try creating portraits using a special program - Photoshop . Not everyone can do it, but it’s worth a try!

Earnings on cartoons: high income business scheme

Service price

When the problem with the contractor is resolved, go to the next item - determine the cost of the portrait. We will give a few examples about the pricing of other specialists, who are ready to make a portrait of the hero from popular animated series, and you will decide on the price range most favorable from your point of view.

  • 1 character in full growth - from 360 rubles;
  • face + shoulders - from 180 p. ;
  • two characters are not full-length - from 360r.(depending on the number of heroes, the price increases, you can make a certain discount, at your discretion);
  • character in some interesting position - from 1000 rubles.

You can also think of payment for delivery, depending on the distance of the client and your personal considerations. And remember, dreams of wealth lead to success!

How to work with clients

When discussing your service with a new client, immediately notify you about the prepayment, although we would recommend in advance take the full cost for the portrait. This will avoid unforeseen failures after work.

You can receive money for the order in any way convenient for you:

  • transfer to a bank card;
  • to a mobile phone;
  • To an electronic wallet - Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney (WebMoney transfer to Sberbank card).

After the transfer of funds, the client must send a quality photo to your email, but on the basis of which a portrait will be written.

When the payment is credited to your account, send the order to the artist. The client may require an exact deadline for execution, but it is better not to speak definitely, as there are unforeseen delays in the execution of the order. It is better to talk about the approximate period, warning about the possible extension of the contract for several days.

As the statistics collected by executors of such orders shows, the longest period of artistic work is 2 weeks.

If you worry that such conditions will not be interesting to the customer, you are mistaken. Of course, there will be someone who refuses immediately, but believe me, there are many real customers on the Internet who are ready to wait even a month, so you definitely won't be left without work!

Earnings on cartoons: high income business scheme

How to attract customers?

To find customers for this service, you will need a landing page and a public. These two effective tools will create high-quality advertising on the network!

Create a public better on a popular resource. We propose to organize a theme group Vkontakte (also read "Earnings Vkontakte on your group"). Come up with an original name that will surely attract the attention of social network users.

It is very important that the basic meaning of your service be programmed in it. For example: "Funny portrait to order in the image of your favorite cartoon characters." Show your imagination and creativity!

Next, you need to download an attractive avatar, which will become, in fact, a visual advertisement of your works. Spend some money and order a high-quality portrait of a cartoon character from a specialist. In the future, these investments in new business will pay off with interest.

When the public is ready, begin actively inviting people to the group. Much depends on the number of people in the audience! For cheating participants, many use special programs. You can use this - (for a small fee).

To make it interesting for people in your group, fill it with news daily, post colorful pictures, actively participate in the life of your new group. Be sure to open access to comments so that interested users can ask you questions about the service, share their feedback with other participants, etc.

Now you will need landing pages to increase conversion. We suggest choosing a unique Landing Designer from Maya Group. Buy domain and hosting can be here. Now let's move on to how to extract traffic.

Earnings on cartoons: high income business scheme

Effective traffic mining

  1. Free traffic to YouTube is a win-win option! What you need to do: create a high-quality video clip of thematic content, describe your service in it and attach visual portraits to attract customers. Such advertising works successfully, verified!
  2. "Animated Series Fans Clubs" - a forum and thematic sites where the Simpsons and South Park fans gather. Finding these communities on the Internet is not difficult. To throw off your advertising, agree in advance with the creators of the resource on possible cooperation. This kind of traffic can be paid or free, as lucky. Some heads of forums ask for a symbolic payment, and someone gives permission for an advertising post for one portrait of a manager to order. Here is how to arrange.
  3. Teaser networks - the cost of advertising is acceptable, the chances of finding potential customers are very high.
  4. Seo - creating your own website, which will be available to users after the introduction of a search engine. In order for your resource to occupy the first positions in the ranking, entrust this business to professionals or competently study the useful article “How to advance in Yandex, detailed guidance”, you may be able to manage this business on your own.

Less effective, but still real ways of advertising services for writing portraits of heroes of animated series:

  • targeting advertising on social networks;
  • advords;
  • Yandex Direct (advice to advertisers on Yandex. Direct).

Earnings on cartoons: high income business scheme

Well, that's basically all we wanted to tell you today about the possibility of earning online on such an interesting and unrealistically popular service for ordering portraits in a cartoon style .

And still, we recommend you to think of an additional service - photo printing of a portrait on a T-shirt, a mug, etc., which is also popular with animated series fans. Good luck in the new case!

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