Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

If you were looking for the simplest work on the Internet, then you should consider paid captcha input as one of the options.

Entering the characters that are shown in the picture is simple, of course, the money is not big for it, but on the other hand, you don’t have to learn anything.

3 best services for using this type of earnings, this, and (invitation code during registration - B4F6 )

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

The project appeared quite a long time ago, there are a lot of positive feedbacks on the network, and payments come without delay.

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

Entering captcha for rubles

To get started, you will need to register. It is enough to specify the Email and come up with a password to create a profile on Rucaptcha. When you pass the registration, go to " Start earning " and press the "Start" button:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

After that, a form will appear in which you will need to specify characters shown in the picture:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

Enter the word and click send - the money is instantly credited to the account. After sending the entered captcha, the next one automatically appears, to stop it, you need to press the "Stop" button. The "Enable Sound" button is needed so that you receive alerts when new captcha arrives.

When entering characters, you are given 10 seconds, you need to specify a word until the green scale ends. Be careful when entering the code from the image, if you do not correctly specify the characters many times, the moderators will block the account. I can not make out what is shown in the picture? For this there is a separate button.

A balance will be displayed in the side panel of your profile, as well as buttons for withdrawal and account replenishment:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

To receive the payment, you need to dial at least 30 rubles , as well as in the profile, indicate your WMR wallet (Yandex and Money will soon be done). Payments come during the day (on weekdays).

In general, the work is simple and affordable, despite insignificant profits. If you want to get more captcha for guessing, then work in the morning when there are fewer performers.

Earnings on Rucaptcha are interesting, invite your friends to work together, and the system will charge you a bonus of in the form of 10% of the amounts earned by your referrals.

Earnings on captcha input in dollars

The Rucaptcha project offers earnings on captcha input in rubles, but many now want to receive dollars. This is understandable, the course has risen, and foreign systems have not reduced prices. All services of the Runet have already lowered the size of remuneration for a long time, therefore it is necessary to use foreign systems.

The best service for earning on the Internet on captcha input is (invitation code during registration - B4F6 ). Although there is no Russian language on it, it does not matter.

We will help you to understand the interface now, and you can receive money on Webmoney and other payment systems. Minimal depends on where you want to receive payments:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

For example, we chose Bitcoin and as you can see, here the minimum salary is $ 1. 5. The purse number must be specified immediately, and registration is not possible without an invitation code.

In the Invitation Code field, specify the Megatypers invitation code - B4F6 .

Carefully consider other fields as well, you need to fill out the entire form. When you log into your account, first look at when it is more profitable to work. For this, in the section with statistics, the following table is presented:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

The highest pay per 1000 guessing captchas is observed from 11 am to 5 pm. This is not your local time, but server time. It is represented on the image (on a yellow background). Compare it with your time and try to work exactly when it is profitable.

Try to enter all the characters correctly, if you get into the TOP of the best, your points for the work will be tripled.

I would immediately like to say about these glasses called TyperPoints. In the future, they can be converted to real money.

How to make money on Megatypers?

In general, the work on this site is not much different from the previous project. After authorization, you need to go to the Start Working section, where the form with the image and the line for entering letters and numbers is presented:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

After entering the characters, you must press button 1. If you do not understand, what is written there, press 2. In the field marked with number 3 you can turn on the display of a captcha consisting of two images.

Button 4 is useful for shutting down. If there are too few pictures, buy accelerated mode and get 800 images per hour:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

It costs money, but they pay off if you actively work. Try to use it at least once. What else is interesting on this site is the lottery.

It is proposed to buy tickets to participate in different lotteries, the more expensive the ticket, the more serious the prize pool, but remember that here you can also lose everything quickly:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

Much better lottery affiliate program. In order for a new member to be yours, he must indicate the special invitation code for Megatypers. You can create up to 10 such codes in your profile. The following image presents a section where codes are issued:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

You do not need to invent anything, on the page just click on adding a new code and it will immediately appear in the line:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

Everything is simple here, distribute your code on the Internet by any means and get 10% of everything that referrals earn. Tell about the project at least your friends, they still will not be able to register without a code, so they will definitely contact you.

Earnings of bitcoins on captcha input

Bitcoin cryptocurrency rate also keeps to a high level and has recently risen somewhat. Now he is 28 000 rubles, while receiving small amounts can be easily.

In the article about Bitcoin earnings, we told how to create a wallet and presented several services for collecting bonuses.

Almost on all sites with bonuses, you need to enter captcha to get them. It turns out that this is earnings on entering captcha. Profitable it can be done only through the use of a huge number of services. It’s good that they have been developed enough, and they work according to a simple principle:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

First, the Bitcoin account address is entered, to which the bonus is transferred. This example is made using the site. Satoshi is issued on it every hour (Satoshi, this is short for Bitcoins). After entering the wallet address, a captcha check is required, it is not always necessary to enter the characters:

Earnings on captcha input in rubles, dollars and bitcoins

Confirm that you are not a robot and receive a small payment. Similar actions can be performed several times a day and it is better to use several services at once, some require quick registration:

  • - the amount of payments is constantly changing, money is paid on Sundays.
  • - up to 1200 satoshi per hour.
  • - 300 satoshi per hour.
  • - from 244 satoshi hourly.
  • - up to 5000 Satoshi per hour.
  • - from 500 satoshi to 0. 01 Bitcoin for opening cells every 50 minutes.
  • - up to 3000 Satoshi receive hourly.
  • - up to 500 Satoshi in 60 minutes.

It is not much harder to get BTC for surfing sites. Special services have also been created for this. The most popular of these is. Use all the sites on which easy bitcoins are available. The exchange rate of this currency is serious, so time is not wasted.

Some users did not start earning Bitcoins just because they do not know why they are needed. You can withdraw Bitcoin cryptocurrency to different bills or even bank cards.

Whatever one may say, it is unlikely that anyone can turn his earnings on captcha input into a main source of profit. Revenues are not large and the option is more suitable for beginners than experienced users. Nevertheless, it is necessary to begin with something, and everyone will precisely cope with it.

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