Earnings on Blogun via YouTube

Service, is one of the most popular advertising systems in which you can earn at different sites.

The name of the site already speaks about its main purpose - it is advertising on blogs, but since its appearance a lot changed, and now use the site for advertising in the social. networks and video hosting.

Earnings on Blogun via YouTube is an ideal option for anyone who has their own channel. The essence of earnings is simple, you will need to add your site to the system and add 2-3 offers with the advertiser’s link to the descriptions of the videos. Perhaps this will not be your permanent source of profit, however, you can make money.

Earnings on Blogun via YouTube

How to make money on your YouTube channel?

Immediately after registering at Blogun, you can go to your sites to add a channel:

Earnings on Blogun via YouTube

After that, in the top menu, you need to select the "Video Hosting" section and click on the YouTube icon:

Earnings on Blogun via YouTube

After that, you will be asked to fill out a special form:

Earnings on Blogun via YouTube

Fill in all the fields and add a site, after which it is sent for moderation. When checking your channel will be considered all the parameters. Blogun’s channel requirements are:

  • at least 10 added clips;
  • at least 500 views;
  • at least 10 subscribers;
  • not less than 3 months old channel.

If the moderator approves the application, you can proceed to the monetization of the channel and the choice of offers from advertisers. Until your site is verified, you can look at approximate prices if you visit Blogun and go to the offers as an advertiser:

Earnings on Blogun via YouTube

Here are some examples of how users managed to earn on their channels. As you can see, the first owner of the site on our list asks for 150 rubles for advertising, while his channel was used 73 times, that is, his channel brought 10,950 rubles. Agree, this is a good bonus to the main income.

Recall that you can withdraw money earned from Blogun after you have gained 1000 rubles. It is possible to send money to WMR and WMZ or Yandex Money. The withdrawal period is 7 days, but the first payment may be delayed by 2 weeks.

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