Earnings on articles with Neotext, selling articles on the Internet

The demand for ready-made articles for filling sites was, is and will continue to be, until everyone can create a site and earn money on it.

The development of the site and the prospect of its development seem too complicated for beginners, therefore many people choose the author’s activities.

It is also possible to earn money on the sale of texts, and the income may be even higher than that of some webmasters. The only difference is that they will benefit from their projects on an ongoing basis, and after-sales copywriters receive a one-time payment.

Also, many people mistakenly believe that it is easy to achieve serious profits for copywriting, but this is not so.

Earnings on articles with Neotext, selling articles on the Internet

Selling articles on the Internet

To get serious income, you first need to type a rating for a long time and create a base of regular customers. To do this in today's conditions is extremely difficult, since the competition between the authors is not comic. It is because of the competition that many copywriters prefer to use less well-known content exchanges.

One of these projects is not the most popular exchange, but with a large volume of available orders, as well as with a built-in store of ready-made articles. This project not only allows you to work with less competition, but is also ideal for beginners.

Why? Because there is a fixed minimum fee, and as your profile develops, you will be able to earn a lot more:

This table shows several levels that you will go through when completing orders, and the last column shows the amount for 1000 characters. As you can see, even beginners get 80 cents, which is about 30 rubles. Believe me, not every novice copywriter can count on such income.

Earnings on articles with Neotext, selling articles on the Internet

Earnings on articles with Neotext can be used by anyone, and if you are active and do a good job, you can quickly achieve increased profits. When using this project for earnings, be sure to focus on orders, it’s not possible to make money so quickly through the articles store.

When executing orders in this system, be sure to try to do everything qualitatively. First, it affects your ranking. Secondly, customers may refuse to accept your work.

Also, if you manage to earn the first $ 7, immediately order a withdrawal, this will allow you to take orders from RSS, where you do not need to submit applications and wait for their approval.

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