Earnings on Airdrop and Bounty more than $ 20,000

Few think about prospects; nobody wants to waste time on work that can bring money not immediately, but for example, in a few months.

Lazy users do not want to perform even elementary actions, although they can really provide a huge income, even if not quickly.

It is quite realistic to earn more than $ 20,000 on bounty and airdrop, and this is already confirmed.

I collect different tokens myself, repeatedly told about it on the channel and in the blog. But this post was pushed me by the post of one of the Bounty and Airdrop participants, who shared his successes.

Earnings on Airdrop and Bounty more than $ 20,000

What are bounty and airdrop?

Developers of new projects are increasingly choosing to issue tokens in order to attract investment. They need money to implement their plans. But how to explain to people that new coins will grow in price?

The most effective way to allocate a part of them and give them away for help in advertising the service.

Under the Bounty and Airdrop programs, they offer to get new tokens absolutely free. You just need to subscribe in social networks, make reposts, publish posts, that is, help them with promotion. I told about how to take part and what exactly to do in one of the videos:

The developers do not lose anything, they allocate about 5% of the emissions for the distribution of tokens. The participants of the bounty and airdrop are required to perform the simplest tasks.

They get coins that cannot be immediately sold, they are not on the exchanges, but there is a prospect that they will not only begin to trade, but the rate will rise.

There are already enough successful examples and some of them will be presented below. First, you get something like candy wrappers, nobody needs them. But over time, projects develop, their currency becomes more expensive.

Essentially, you get an investment asset. The only drawback is that not all tokens are becoming popular, and some do not even go to the exchanges.

Earnings on Airdrop and Bounty more than $ 20,000

How do they make money on new tokens?

Conditions and requirements are always different, but in general nothing complicated. Basically, they ask to subscribe to channels and groups in social networks, post posts and make reposts.

To show a real example, let's take one of the Bounty programs in which you can make money by publishing posts on your Facebook page:

Earnings on Airdrop and Bounty more than $ 20,000

The conditions are simple, the developers have identified 260 GGC coins for participants. They are required to write and post, where there will be a link to the project and the hashtag, the account must be created at least 6 months ago.

You need to post entries every day (7 pieces per week), and the points depend on how many friends you have.

Then the ratio of points is checked and in accordance with them a certain amount of coins is credited.

Somewhere you need to send reports (links to posted posts), somewhere they are checked on the machine. The number of coins is different, there may be additional conditions.

One more thing - most of the distributions are launched on sites with English, the language barrier is easily overcome by translators.

So you need to collect all the coins, about which you only hear and hope that at least some of them will go to the exchange. This does not always happen, but even if one token seriously grows in price, you get a decent profit.

Time will definitely not be wasted, really get $ 200 for your reposts and retweets, where else will you be offered such rewards for simple work? Nowhere.

Earnings on Airdrop and Bounty more than $ 20,000

The real example of getting $ 20,000 from the bounty

As mentioned at the beginning, the idea of ​​this post appeared after reading the report of one of participants bounty programs. He shared how much he managed to earn on different coins. Imagine only the TOP 5 projects:

  1. - the airdrop was conducted in October-November 2017, the pages from Facebook and Twitter were used. After the release of coins on the stock exchange, the profit from their sale amounted to $ 17,000.
  2. - from October 2017 until February 2018, distribution of coins, which could be obtained for tasks on the BItcointalk, was carried out, brought $ 2500 (but 2 ETH were still invested in the project).
  3. - they distributed tokens in October-November 2017, they offered to perform tasks through Facebook and Twitter. In total, he managed to collect 403 tokens, which at the beginning of 2018 cost almost a dollar (+ $ 400).
  4. - a month was spent on simple tasks on Twitter and Facebook to earn 265 tokens, which we managed to sell for $ 337.
  5. - the same amount was required to participate in this airdrop through the same social networks 76 LOC were collected for a total of $ 177.

Judging by how many tokens he collected in some Airdrop and Bounty, it was not without participation in affiliate programs.

This is the most profitable option, but not all developers offer rewards for referral referrals. If you have an affiliate program, be sure to use it.

What do you need to participate in airdrop and bounty?

Some newcomers are afraid even to start, because it seems to them to be too complicated. In fact, everything is simple.

First, you need to register wallets in the main blockchain projects through which new tokens are launched. Most often this is Ethereum, and a wallet with support for tokens has been created for it.

Register your wallet in a couple of minutes on the official website and get your ETH address. It must be specified in Airdrop, the tokens will be attached to the account.

To earn coins, you may need accounts on different sites. If you decide to create them to collect tokens, first make them look like real pages.

Add more friends, photos, posts to the wall. Now almost all bounty tasks are performed through:

  • Telegrams;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • BitcoinTalk;
  • LinkedIn.

Helping developers to promote the project and increase interest in coins, you get coins.

Immediately use them will not work, you need to wait until the tokens get on the stock exchange and only then they can be exchanged for Ethereum or Bitcoins, which are easily changed for real money.


you can easily find an exchange office to transfer your Bitki or Ethers to a card, e-wallet, phone number and in other directions.

First you do the work, then you wait and change the tokens for real money. In some cases, it takes months for profit. Consider that you are investing in the future, because some coins bring more than $ 1000 to the participants of Bounty and Airdropov.

But even if each project can bring in $ 20- $ 50, this is already good, because there are a lot of them, and you will spend no more than 5 minutes a day on them (and sometimes it’s enough once perform a task).

Earnings on Airdrop and Bounty more than $ 20,000

Which tokens can be collected right now?

Having read the article to this point, you probably already have a desire to start collecting free tokens . Airdropy held constantly, but not all projects have prospects.

Some will never release their coins on the stock exchange. Experience helps me to identify the most interesting coins, they are collected in this video:

Remember that the more different tokens you get, the higher the chances that some of them will "shoot" .

Of course, it would be difficult to collect as much as $ 20,000 on Airdrop and Bounty, but nobody believed in Bitcoin before, it cost less than a cent, you could invest $ 1 and become a millionaire now. Who knows to what heights the new projects will rise.

Even a schoolboy can perform light tasks for free tokens. The main thing to deal with wallets and at least a couple of times to participate in Airdrop or Bounty, then you will do everything much faster.

Time is running out a bit, watch out for new hands and get any coins, each of them can cost even more than Bitcoin.

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