Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

Once Yandex Direct was the first advertising service in Russia, through which the opportunity to earn money on websites appeared.

It was opened in 2001 , and Adwords and Begun appeared in RuNet on a year later. Many large sites make a profit from advertising, if you have a website, you can also earn from advertising.

Earnings on Yandex Direct is available only to those webmasters who have created quality sites, fill them with decent content and have achieved high attendance. Resource requirements are high, but the cost per click on advertising is much higher than in many similar resources.

Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

Yandex Direct Earnings on the website

In this article we will also tell you about earnings on affiliate programs with Yandex Direct, but first consider the main way.

This service offers advertisers to place advertisements on search engine pages and partner sites. To add your site, you need to create a profile in the Yandex Advertising Network (YAN).

Clicks on advertising are paid, here they carefully monitor the quality of conversions, so it is better not to even try to cheat them. Advertising can look different, it’s up to you to choose a format:

Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

A huge plus of advertising from Direct - this is its relevance. Visitors are shown ads in accordance with their latest requests. For example, if they were looking through Yandex for where to buy a vacuum cleaner, having entered your website, they will see ads matching this request.

This has a good effect on conversion, which affects webmaster's revenue . Ad unit settings allow you to design it for the overall design; be sure to use this to make the ad fit nicely.

Yandex Direct Requirements for the site

For young site owners, it is more appropriate to earn money from Google Adsense, where the requirements are not so high. If you decide to use YAN, make sure that your site meets all the criteria:

  • the site should be from 500 unique users per day;
  • information on the site should not divide people by gender , color, religion and so on;
  • your project does not violate the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • the site should not be offensive or pornographic content;
  • do not accept online casinos, systems Pay per click, file sharing and various systems of earnings on the Internet;
  • for content that misleads users, site n e allowed in YAN;
  • sites that distribute malicious programs are not allowed.

In general, it should be a quality resource that really helps people. If the site is accepted into the system, do not try to somehow force people to click on the advertisement, do not change its content, and even more so, do not try to create clicks.

How to add a site to YAN?

If you have platforms that meet all the requirements, try sending a request to add them to the Yandex advertising network. To do this you need to go to and click "Add site". Then do everything according to the instructions:

  1. Specify the country and select "Individual", a list of everything that you will need to specify in the next steps will open, click next:
  2. Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct
  3. Then contact information is entered. Be careful and specify only valid data:
  4. Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct
  5. Now you need to specify payment details. Naturally, the company transfers money to Yandex accounts. Money:
  6. Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct
  7. You will be thanked for registering a partner, and then sent to the first step of adding a site:
  8. Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct
  9. In the second step create an advertising platform. Put a tick "Thematic advertising" and then enter the name of the site. Choose Yandex. Direct and adjust the parameters of ad units:
  10. Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct
  11. It remains only to send a written request by clicking on the "Done" button:
  12. Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

Now wait for a response from the moderators. If the site is accepted, you will receive a code and be able to place it on your website, in any area.

Users will go on advertising, and you will be charged money. How much income does this provide? It depends on many factors, here is an example of statistics:

Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

The money is not big, although there were a lot of hits. Pay attention to the cost per click, they amount to a few rubles, while on many other advertising networks, they pay a penny. On this basis, for a solid salary, YAN will definitely fit.

Earnings on affiliate programs in Yandex Direct

A less profitable business can be organized with this system, even in the absence of a site. This is already earnings on the traffic, in which you want to invest in advertising.

You can advertise anything, look for a profitable affiliate program and choose suitable offers there.

In the post about earnings on affiliate programs, we presented some of the best projects. It is best to use in this case any trend and expensive goods for the sale of which a fixed remuneration is paid:

Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

Here is a specific example of. There are many different offers in this aggregator, register and connect to them. As you can see, 400 rubles are paid for the confirmed order.

Your task is to create an effective ad on. Everything is simple there, first go to the advertising service and click "Post an ad":

Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

Then a page opens, where many different parameters will be presented. You will need to select a region, specify the name and main text of the ad, add a link to the site (given in the affiliate program) and so on:

Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

Also, you will need to specify keywords - this is phrases that will be used by users in the search so that they see your ad. You can enter one phrase, after which prompts open.

Add an arbitrary number of requests, but remember that this affects the budget:

Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

When you enter the amount, you will be offered the optimal budget. It is better to listen to the recommendations and install it. Then send the ad for review and wait until it passes moderation.

It remains only to replenish the advertising balance and advertising will begin to show people. They will go through it and make orders, and you will receive a partner’s income. Is it profitable? Again, look at the example of statistics:

Earnings on affiliate in Yandex Direct

It’s profitable only if you make a really high-quality ad and invest decent money. Think a few times whether people will buy a product and whether you can create an ad that will force them to make a purchase.

How best to make money with Yandex Direct, through affiliate programs or your sites, you decide for yourself. The most important thing is that now you know what to expect and how the most popular earnings schemes work with the best advertising service of the Runet.

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