Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm (scam)

Simple cashout games are becoming more popular and hundreds of thousands of users have already invested their money in them.

Why? Now they consistently receive payments, while some do not believe that this is possible. You can get money from investment games, the main thing is to choose a quality project.

Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm is available to everyone, and you do not need to make a deposit to start earning a profit. Due to the many different bonuses, you can start from scratch. There are no payment points in this game, so you will honestly get everything you earn while developing your zombie farm.

Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm (scam)

The game is closed

Zomfarm game with the withdrawal of money

After passing the registration, players are given one zombie, which collects resources. Naturally, the cheapest worker is given for free, so in an hour you will receive only 7 items:

Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm (scam)

If you are ready to invest some money and quickly scroll through your investments, you can buy more expensive zombies:

Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm (scam)

As you can see, expensive zombies cost 50,000 and 100,000 silver, in rubles these are 500 and 1,000. But after two months your investment pays off and you start receive profit Also, special zombies are offered in the store:

Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm (scam)

It is not necessary to buy them, they are needed to increase ISLR - this is the sum of daily payments. By default, each user can order payments no more than 10 rubles a day. If you need to display more, you have to buy special zombies.

Each type of zombie collects a certain resource, and you sometimes need to enter the game to collect items:

Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm (scam)

Then, all that managed to get the zombies needed to be sold, to receive silver on the game balance:

Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm (scam)

The amount received is divided in half and equally transferred to the balance for withdrawal and account for purchases.

You can replenish your account in the Zomfarm game with any virtual money - Yandex. Money, bank cards, via SMS, multicashes and so on.

How to play Zomfarm without investments?

Every day you can buy woodcutters' zombies using all available bonuses and multiplying the money collected:

  • a daily bonus brings from 50 to 150 silver;
  • every hour you can collect a bonus from 10 to 50 silver;
  • a risk bonus can bring from -10 to +100 silver;
  • a ticket costs 100 silver in a lottery, and you can win up to 500 coins;
  • if your referrals bring you 10,000 silver, another daily bonus of 10 to 100 silver will be available;
  • inviting new players, the system will give you 20 % of their deposits. Money is divided by 10% on the balance for withdrawal and for purchases.

You can play without investments, but for a withdrawal, you will have to make a small deposit.

Only those players who have paid at least 50 rubles to the game receive payments.

So that no one has any doubt that the project is paying, here are a couple of screenshots with Payeer payouts:

Earnings on a zombie farm with Zomfarm (scam)

Zomfarm game is different from many projects , first of all original design. While the project is gaining popularity, you have the opportunity to attract many new participants here, and given the rules for withdrawal of funds (mandatory deposit), the players attracted by you will definitely replenish their balance.

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