Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

There is a wide variety of web sites on the World Wide Web where users can post their own images, drawings, photos, graphics, etc., after registration.

Somewhere people just show off their work, on some resources they sell them, and some services are designed to make a more or less stable profit for a long time, and the income here is passive. The representative of such an Internet project is Photo2you photo hosting.

It is noteworthy, first of all, by its plainness, simplicity of registration, sufficient functionality, profitability and free of charge. Anyone who wishes is able to upload images that comply with the rules of the system and consistently receive money every time they are viewed by other users on the Web.

In this article you will definitely learn all the features of the service, learn how to use it, and, most importantly, master the art of making money on it in several ways.

Well, let's start.

Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

Features of the site Image2you

Photo hosting site was founded a little over 8 years ago. It functions with periodic successes and recessions, apparently due to the frequent rotation of the executive office. Each owner, so to speak, introduces new rules. Some of them are progressively developing the project, others - it is used to the maximum as a “cash cow”, absolutely not caring about precious users. The current situation has stabilized. So the site regularly pays the earned sums, moderators work efficiently, and new visitors and participants come here more and more.

Now the daily attendance of the platform varies between 645-897 people. The big difference is due to working days and weekends, in which, of course, people spend more time on the Global Network. There are approximately 23,450 registered users.

Regarding the site itself, there are a few points to note. A little running ahead, I want to first of all note the clarity and simplicity of the entire interface, which is now so rarely to meet. Nothing extra. The absence of distracting advertisements, flickering windows, buttons with bright colors, inappropriate pictures and other trash makes you feel at work. All texts, explanations or instructions are extremely concise and capacious in meaning.

The loading of images and pictures is well explained. There is an option to batch upload photos. You can sort the files by thematic folders, which is convenient. Links to photographs and drawings, the system produces convenient, short, more or less human species, in contrast to similar photo hosting sites.

The pricing for Image2you is good, there is a fairly decent referral program and regular promotions are held, however, the details of these issues will be written in detail later.

Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

Benefits of the service

Clearly, the site has a significant number of advantages that draw attention to themselves when they visit the main page and start registering . In order not to reason without reasoning, consider the available facts (basic):
- the ability to upload pictures directly from a computer or directly from the Internet, specifying the image ID. There is a multi-boot function up to 100 images at once;

Explanation! Multiboot is a convenient option when you need to add a lot of photos to the system. You upload the necessary files one by one to the convenient downloader module, then upload them to the project with one click and immediately get all your links! 51>

  • stable, regular payments on Wednesdays. Minimal from 15 rub. ;
  • convenient, intuitive interface;
  • simple registration procedure;
  • there is no systemic commission for earning money;
  • often there are promotions, sweepstakes, cash contests prizes;
  • for 1000 unique views Image2you pay out 220 rubles .
  • Perhaps we’ll stop here, otherwise the list can be replenished with many more points.


    But there are worse things to minuses. I singled out three of them, however, all the negative qualities are very significant:

    • judging by the reviews, from about the middle of 2015 there were various failures with payments of earned funds. Personally, he was repeatedly convinced that the administration was not responding at all, and the accounts began to unreasonably block with the appropriation of the money available there;
    • the partner program is a real devil, whose occupation can greatly undermine the nervous system. About half of referrals do not count, and for registered recruited participants in 97% of cases no interest is paid;
    • there are cases of outright theft of money from the account.The reasons for this are absent, or marasmic, absurd explanations follow.

    I think that I described the overall situation with these three flaws in full. So the service Image2you, in my opinion, is a weird crime of some kind. Although people get money to earn money here. For example, my friend from the social network VKontakte vigorously protects this project and shows me some nice screenshots of remittances from there.

    Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

    The principle of making money on Image2you

    By analogy with other photo hosting sites, the essence of making money on the Image2you site is the same. You can emphasize five main stages:

    • you are easy to go through an absolutely free registration procedure at the considered photo sharing site;
    • you log in (to your personal account) and go to the page with the loader module, following submitted instructions, upload images, pictures, graphics, etc.;
    • after moderation, photo hosting for each file will give special links (backlinks) indicating the path to the specific material loaded into the resource database. You will also be provided with a preview of the uploaded image (a greatly reduced version of the photo);
    • you will place it wherever possible the received links. On the Internet, potentially profitable places a lot. Their main criterion is an impressive attendance by the interested audience. It is also important and compliance topics on the project where the link is established. You can send (email, sms, messages in social networks, skype, etc.) links to your own images to friends, colleagues, relatives and other acquaintances;
    • anyone interested in the proposal will move backlink to Image2you photohosting for more details view snapshot or download image. You for 1000 unique (non-repeating) views will receive 220 rubles.

    Essentially! Cash payments will be made exclusively for unique views. For example, if one of your relatives views one image 23 times a day, then only one unique display of a picture will be reckoned by the system. Only for this, money is charged!

    Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

    Basic rules for working with the resource

    Just before you make money, do not be lazy and carefully study the system conditions and rules governing the activities of the project.

    You can get acquainted with them in two places:

    • when filling in the registration form. There is written down in small fine print "Learn the rules of photo hosting". After clicking on this line, your page will be presented with a page where it will be clear that important working conditions will be listed;
    • there is a special tab at the top of the page in the center, which is called "Rules". Clicking on it will also open a window with rules for you.

    The Regulation contains about ten items, of which it is necessary to remember the following four points:

    • It is forbidden to engage in spam, spread of viruses and other malicious programs;
    • it is forbidden to create more than one account (account) in the system;
    • it is punishable to load and post images, drawings, illustrations that are contrary to the current legislation.
    • It is impossible to self-wind transitions to your own images and pictures.

    Specification! There are specialized anonymizer programs that can change your computer’s IP address online in as many times as you like. So you can not use them!

    If the above or other conditions and rules of the system are violated, project employees can permanently ban an account, with full write-off of earned money. Although the complaints are so complete that they do it for no reason. Well, now we are discussing other things on the plan.

    Acquaintance with a simple interface

    I didn’t see a more simple and easy-to-understand interface here. After registration, and the introduction of credentials (login, email) in the control panel, you will find yourself on the main page of your personal account, from where you have access "in one click" to all the functional sections of the photo hosting site.

    I will briefly run over them, since there are no internal submenus, and the names of the keys fully reflect their purpose. I will call the strip with buttons as it is.

    1. The first menu level (the highest):

    • "Prices" - it is shown that 1000 views cost 230 rubles. ;
    • "FAQ" - the most pressing and topical questions with answers from representatives of the administration;
    • "Rules" - conditions and restrictions of work on the web project;
    • "News" - it is clear that all events on the site;
    • "My Account" is the place where your downloaded images, statistics on them and the WMR wallet number are stored.

    2.The second level of the menu (located immediately below the first line):

    • "My Gallery" is the same as in your account;
    • "Upload photo" is the main working part . Here you upload images and get thumbnails and links for them. It is possible to upload images via the loader module to the platform directly from a personal computer, or from some corner of the Internet, using ID photos. There is an opportunity to group pictures in various categories;
    • "My money" - the real balance, which indicates the presence of money earned;
    • "Referrals" - all relevant information: how many employees, their activity, received income from them, etc. In addition, what is important is that this place contains your personal link for recruiting new users;
    • "My Messages" - your correspondence with the administration of the web project;
    • "Settings" - all your account settings;
    • "Webmasters chat" is a very specific area of ​​photo hosting, where is the correspondence among the participants. There is access to third-party services with simple games, the "VKontakte" button, the lottery (let's talk about it later) and the "News" button. Finding the last on Image2you personally is not clear to me. People coming to the project are unlikely to have a great desire to be interested in world and Russian news. However, it is present.

    This is such a simple platform for making money on posting photos, drawings and other images.

    Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

    Registration for Image2you

    To set up an account on photo hosting, you must perform ordinary, unwise actions:

    • go to the main page of the project in any way (address: image2you. Ru);
    • on it exactly in the center, slightly above, the green "Register" button will clearly attract attention;
    • of course you need to click on it;
    • an absolutely simple form will appear: your name, which will be your login, email and password code. Specify the required information, come up with a high-quality, clever password, well-known password to you. Write the data so that you can always remind them;
    • enter the captcha in the special field (code from the picture);
    • click on "Register";
    • registration is completed. You can immediately take up the uploading of photos and start collecting views. Confirmation by mail is not necessary. The email will later receive a letter from the photo hosting system with congratulations on the completed registration and an indication (for every fireman) of your identification data. It is better to remove it immediately, in order to eliminate the theft of this information in case of possible hacking of mail.

    Now, when you need it, you will be able to log into your own personal account and receive profit on the Image2you web project. ru.

    Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

    Earnings in pictures

    The process of making money on a resource consists of 3 basic stages, which we will analyze in turn, not taking into account registration you passed.

    1. In your account, go to the tab "Upload photos". Inside it, select the sub-item "Main folder", however, you will not have to choose, since this folder is the only one there. A special two-part loader module opens.

    You will need its upper sector for downloading pictures from a computer. You will need to specify the path to the folder and just click "Download." Then to the picture you write a beautiful title and a short but attractive description. After that, it remains to click "Add to archive".

    The lower sector is designed to transfer photos you like from various Internet structures (websites, portals, blogs, pages, etc.). You only need to specify the image ID. The copyright is not taken into account here, as you do not use the image directly or for financial purposes and do not copy it. You place it on a public hosting for public viewing, as an example of the good work of the author, but the fact that the system attaches advertising to it does not matter.

    Nuance! Anyway, you can simultaneously download a package (up to 100 pieces per session) of pictures. Check out each file. Upload to the archive for moderation and immediately start uploading new photos. It’s easy to upload 1000-2000 photos from the Network in your archive per day. Only you need to have time to distribute the links for them!

    2. All downloaded images will appear in your individual archive. Each picture must be moderated separately. Prior to this, all files will be marked with a red flag and have a translucent red crosshair in the center.

    I tell you, this procedure is not fast. Then how lucky. I can not explain the reasons, but 500 pictures can be checked and allowed to be shown in 2 days, and sometimes 5 normal, high-quality pictures are “hung” on moderation for up to 2-3 weeks. Apparently, everything is determined by the workload of the inspection staff.

    3.After moderation on all images taken in the system, the translucent red crosshair will disappear and the checkbox will change to green, and personal links will be assigned to the materials. These links define the place of the picture in the Image2you system, for quick searching by curious users. Links from these images can be started everywhere on the World Wide Web to distribute and start collecting views that will turn into your earnings.

    In addition to the links, for each image received in the system, you will receive a greatly reduced copy of it. This is a kind of banner that will attract visitors who want to see the full version of the photo. A link to move to your normal image stored in the photo hosting archive will already be embedded in this thumbnail.

    It will remain active, sharp and cunning in disseminating the links received. It is important to place them in the most visited, thematic places where there is always an interested category of Internet users. As a rule, these are specialized forums, thematic groups of social networks, lively discussions in comments under the relevant article, chats, etc. The main thing is that the moderators do not remove the link, since it is often forbidden to engage in such matters so as not to spam people’s communication.

    There are special tactics to slyly hide links from the eyes of strict moderators, however, this is a topic for a completely different article.

    You can send links to friends, friends, relatives and other acquaintances.

    Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

    Instructions for uploading pictures or photos

    Considering that you know where the bootloader module is and what it is, Immediately proceed to step by step instructions. Consider the upload process in one picture, although you can download up to a hundred pieces at a time, as I said,

    • in the block where the downloader is located, click "Upload photos to main folder "(brown button);
    • in the opened root directory, find the desired image on your computer;
    • highlight it;
    • click on" Select file ". A simple editor will open where you can trim the area of ​​the snapshot allowed to display, write a title, make a description and designate the size of the desired preview;
    • activate the "Load" button;
    • The "Code for inserting photos" window will become available, however, it will be very clouded before the moderator checks the file;
    • the photo is placed on the right side of the page (tab "Upload photo") with a red mark. Here you will watch his status every day - admitted or not accepted. After the green mark appears near the image and all red markings disappear, click on the name of the approved image;
    • a window will appear in which you will be presented with several links for the downloaded file. For each picture will be assigned: a classic unique link, BB-code and a link in html-format. In addition, a reduced copy of the photograph will serve as an advertising banner.

    All received materials, depending on the situation, are easy to use for a set of views of your own picture (many of your pictures) loaded into the Image2you system. These links will provide transitions to the server, for which you will receive a monetary reward.

    Tip! When you need to upload several pictures in a row, you need to press the "Select a photo to upload" button again. Then specify the next image. All uploaded images will be displayed on the right in a special field!

    The principle of uploading photos by ID is even simpler. You need to find out on the site the ID of a specific image, copy it and paste it into a special field of the loader module. It remains to click "Download" and the picture is downloaded to the system for moderation. Then the procedure is similar to the situation described above with photos obtained from the archive of your computer.

    Moderation, as a rule, is non-Draconian if the inserted image is of reasonably normal quality and meets the allowed criteria.

    Referral program

    About the partner system, enchanting phrases are inappropriate here. Photo hosting Image2you offers extremely poor conditions - a one-level affiliate program, and from each invited referral you can receive only 5% of its profits. More power will go to the search and recruitment of these referrals. Moreover, such sites today are not very popular, so attracting an actively working user here is almost impossible.

    Promotions and lotteries

    Why not? This is also a way to make money. On Image2you, the administration occasionally organizes all sorts of competitions where cash prizes are raffled.Earlier, weekly bonuses to the earnings of the five most initiative and active participants in the project were awarded, however, now this happens, at best, 2 times a month.

    But, getting an extra bonus is always nice. For example, for the first place (who earned more for the specified period and posted more interesting photos) it is necessary to earn + 15%. It takes into account the period of the competition.

    A lottery is also provided for chat participants, where you can also win extra money. But, it is most likely fun for bored users.

    Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

    What is the possible earnings on Image2you

    If you put things well on a good flow, then earnings can make you happy for a long time.

    So, the main way is to view your downloaded images. For the completed thousand unique clicks on the link to any image, the project will pay 220 rubles. Successful, high-quality, exclusive photos are easily collected from 10 to 12 thousand views a month. That is, the author, from one magnificent snapshot for a long time, has 2,200 - 2,640 rubles each. It is necessary to try to download not simple, widespread materials, but something entertaining, startling, creative.

    Profitability is also possible from referrals, if you are seriously engaged in an affiliate program. There will have to straighten out in search of good workers or be content with a penny profit. There are few prospects in this category of income on Image2you.

    Well, stocks and lotteries are the most unstable, spontaneous, partly random way of enrichment in the service.

    Such is the alignment.

    Earnings on a simple and stable photo hosting Image2you

    Withdrawing Earned Money

    In this question, the developers took care of their own users and organized a single schedule of automatic payments. That is, all registered participants do not need to calculate the days, draw up applications, expect them to be accepted, etc. They are only required by the appointed day, and this is every Wednesday (no matter, holiday or working day), have over 15 rubles in the account. Such on the web-project Image2you minimum amount allowed for the withdrawal.

    Funds are transferred to the WebMoney R-purse you specify. His number must be specified in the "Settings" section, sub-item "Personal data". There is no commission, since the system pays it itself.

    Several useful recommendations for working on a project

    The success of a service, or rather its monetary expression, depends on several factors that cannot be neglected. It is better to follow them all:

    • in order to earn more, you need to download a lot of pictures and distribute them to the maximum possible number of potentially profitable places. Here constraints and modesty are inappropriate;
    • try not to take the number of photos, but their interestingness, quality and exclusivity. Sometimes one shot is much more profitable than 250 ordinary, uninteresting photos;
    • money is charged exclusively for unique transitions on the links. It is not necessary to deceive the system (if you are not a professional in IT-technologies). Special algorithms and filters quickly calculate fraudsters who are in danger of an eternal ban, loss of money and their downloaded archive; unpleasant difficulties;
    • before placing images, do not neglect the study of statistics. See which images are the most popular, read the successful descriptions and titles to them. No need to try to insist on its meaningless. Be smarter, consider the mistakes of others and learn from successful people.


    The presented article analyzed in detail the photohosting of Image2you and discussed in detail all the possibilities of making money on it. Most profitable, of course, here is to engage in the placement of photographs, drawings, graphics and other interesting, unusual images. No special skills, in principle, not necessary. The main thing is to make or find great pictures, arrange them correctly on the hosting and actively distribute links to them. Your views will turn into a specie on the resource.

    For a good profit, eat more to download great materials that will attract the interest of a large audience. They will click on the links to better view the work, and you will get paid. Try to participate in the affiliate program, even if here it is not very attractive. And what if it is you who can unleash her full potential thanks to your talent. Try.Everything will work out!

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