Earnings on a blog from scratch and without investment

Without investments in the Internet, you can earn money, but most of the methods bring small profits.

We presented the available options in the article about making money on a computer, without investing for newbies. If you want to make the Internet a really profitable business, it is better to launch your project.

How to make money on a blog on the Internet? I myself thought about it myself. I wanted to get decent money and there was a great desire to start from scratch.

After considering the various options, I came to the conclusion that it was time to launch my website. I am not a programmer, so I decided to open a blog.

Earnings on a blog from scratch and without investment

This way of earning is still one of the most popular. Why? Because to start the site, no knowledge is required, and it is quite possible to fill the site with your own resources. Simply put, no investment, and to study for years (as in Forex) is not necessary.

There are several advantages to blogging:

  1. Freedom - you can work at any time of the day, choose the type of work, write about anything. Bloggers are their own superiors, you don’t depend on anyone and completely manage your projects.
  2. Solidity - it is now fashionable to work on the Internet, especially if you are getting decent money from it. You do what you want, at any moment you make yourself a day off or even go on vacation.
  3. Mobility - you can control the site from anywhere in the world, it’s enough to take a laptop with you. This is convenient for people who like to travel or often go somewhere else.
  4. Perspectives - if you have just one site, you can become a popular and rich person. There is no limit in development, create at least 10 different blogs and work on them in parallel.
  5. Incomes - they will in any case, the main thing is to remain active and hardworking. Once I could not imagine that my blog would start to bring more than 300 000 rubles a month.

The rest of the benefits of blogging you will definitely discover in the process. No need to think and think for a long time, this is a really profitable business. Open a resource today, now, so that in a few months you can consistently withdraw money.

How to make a blog and make money on it?

The first serious step in this business is the need to find the best topic. Ideas overwhelm the heads of beginners, it's hard to decide.

Read the article on how to choose a topic for a blog, do not grasp the first available option. If you choose the wrong direction, you will quickly lose interest in your resource.

After determining a niche, you need to take up the development of the site. It is advisable to use CMS, you will get the necessary knowledge in a couple of days of studying articles on the Internet.

If you want to try it for free and don't want to study, use the Ucoz constructor. Many high-quality websites have been created through it, and the creation of the first site takes only a few minutes.

What is a blog? This is a site with a huge number of useful articles. Therefore, after starting the resource, you need to start filling it. This is the most time-consuming and lengthy process.

It is better to write texts yourself. If there is a start-up capital and you want to add many articles to the site more quickly, use the exchange, there are a lot of texts put up for sale:

Earnings on a blog from scratch and without investment

think about monetization. Please note that all information must be thematic, high-quality, beautifully designed, and so on. The content of the blog is the main indicator of its quality, so lay out the best materials.

How to make money on a free blog?

Where does the money come from if visitors can read articles for free? The most common monetization option is to add advertising to the site. Especially for this created many different services. We told about one of them in the article about the monetization of the site through Adlabs.

Various banners, teasers and contextual announcements are added to blog pages. Advertisers pay for transitions and views, it all depends on the selected service. Teaser monetization of the site takes the first place, just keep in mind that it should be thematic, otherwise there will not be many transitions.

Earnings on a blog from scratch and without investment

An example of statistics is presented so that you have an idea of ​​how much advertising on popular websites can bring.

Of course, is not the only way to make a profit:

  1. Selling links is a profitable business, but destructive in terms of the development of the site. If there are too many external links, search engines will not like it. But with each posted link you can get more than 10 000 rubles. Is the option suitable? Add a blog to the system.
  2. Direct advertisers - they get in touch, so it’s important to leave contact details on the site’s pages. To advertise your site, product, service, you will order the placement of information.Revenues are about the same as for the sale of links.
  3. Affiliate programs are a fairly profitable way to monetize, in which you will need to find suitable services and online stores. For example, you can offer products to visitors through the Aliexpress partner program and receive interest on sales.

Several options for monetization can also be used at once, the main thing is not to turn the blog into a brightly blinking website, forcing visitors to see a bunch of ads before you can start reading articles.

How much do they earn on a blog?

The question is good, but it’s impossible to give a clear answer. I have experience earning on a blog, but even this does not help to name the exact amount. Revenues are constantly floating, they depend on visitors, their activity, affiliate programs and other factors.

For example, here’s the statistics on the affiliate program:

Earnings on a blog from scratch and without investment

From it, I get payments for attracted casino players and partners. In addition to this site, I use a few dozen projects.

The topic of my blog is ideal for attracting referrals, so I practically do not use advertising (with the exception of the advertising line).

Quite good payments come from the game, where I have a lot of referrals:

Earnings on a blog from scratch and without investment

With such screenshots I can surprise you as much as I like every day from my blog Thousands of people are registered on various sites. If you are interested in what services I still use, look at the income statement, there are supporting screenshots.

It takes a lot of time to to create a blog and make decent money . On the other hand, it provides the best prospects. There is no financial ceiling, the more actively you unwind the project, the faster you reach stable and high incomes. Do not be lazy, make a blog is not very difficult.

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