Earnings in the game Money Army. How to play Money Army?

Economic online games are one of the easiest ways to make money online.

With minimal investment, you can register in the game and then consistently receive passive income without doing anything. Of course, there are some risks, but if you find a quality project, you don’t have to worry about it for your money.

Earnings in the Money Army game allows you to start playing without your own contributions, since after registration, bonuses are issued here. Despite the fact that the project appeared quite recently, it is actively gaining popularity and has already made many payments. In general, the game is simple and you will not have to study the interface for a long time.

Earnings in the game Money Army. How to play Money Army?

The game is closed!

How to play Money Army?

Surely you already know about simple games with withdrawal of money, where you need to buy something and then go into the profile to collect resources. In this regard, Money Army is no different , you buy the military, they get cigarettes that can be exchanged for sugar and removed from the system.

After registering, each user receives the product for free. At one hour, he produces only 7 cigarettes, so it’s better to start thinking about buying more profitable soldiers:

Earnings in the game Money Army. How to play Money Army?

For example, to buy a junior sergeant, you will need 5,000 sugar, and you can buy it for 50 rubles (100 sugar = 1 ruble). Every hour he will bring 80 cigarettes, and you can exchange them for sugar (19. 2 sugars a day). Collected sugar can be exchanged for real money or buy military.

When you first deposit your account, a 50% bonus is provided, so if you deposit 2000 rubles and get 1000 bonus, you can immediately buy a foreman (yield of 3360 sugar per day).

Players must sometimes go to their profile to collect accumulated cigarettes. Make it easy, you need to go to the section "Assemble cigarettes" and press one button:

Earnings in the game Money Army. How to play Money Army?

But that's not all, after collecting cigarettes you need to exchange them for sugar, so go to section "Sell cigarettes" and also press a special button:

Earnings in the game Money Army. How to play Money Army?

The resulting amount of sugar is distributed in the following order: 30% go to the account for purchases, and 70% goes to the balance for withdrawal .

When you receive money on the balance for withdrawal, do not rush to withdraw them. Using the exchanger, you can transfer the entire amount to the account for purchases and get for it + 30%.

You can also receive game currency for free using a daily bonus (from 100 to 1000 for the balance for withdrawal) and a risk bonus (from -200 to +200 to the account for purchases).

Entertainment at the Money Army

While the military is producing cigarettes, users have to wait, but thanks to additional games, you can brighten up this time. There are several simple games to choose from:

  • in car racing you can double the amount of your bet, if you guess which car comes first to the finish line (winning is credited to the account for purchases);
  • unwind wheel of fortune can only those users who have made a deposit in excess of 500 rubles. But you can win it a few thousand sugar or a character;
  • the simplest game is an auction. It is necessary to constantly interrupt bets, setting an increasing amount;
  • you can try your luck in the lottery by spending 100 sugar on a ticket and getting the opportunity to win up to 500 sugar;
  • 5 times you can multiply your bet if you play Russian roulette. A revolver with 6 cartridges is given, where 4 are combat. Guess which cartridges are blank and take the winnings.

At the expense of additional games, you can increase your start-up capital well, but remember that these are gambling games and you will risk the money invested.

The Money Army project is not complicated, and most importantly, it is easy to make money on it. The only disadvantage of the system is the mandatory replenishment of the balance by 100 rubles to activate the withdrawal function. But if you are determined to create a passive source of profit, then this will not be a serious problem for you.

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