earnings in the field of Internet services

Surely and you have ever been approached by those familiar with the question "Do not know where you can order ...?" or "From whom to order services ...?".

We give out tips for free, but even with this you can earn extra money. Services on the Internet offer their affiliate programs, with their help you can get a percentage of orders or a fixed reward.

Earn money on services without providing them using various affiliate programs. In a freelancing business article, a similar topic has already been revealed.

The essence was to become an intermediary in transactions between customers and performers. In this article, the direction is somewhat different, since will not have to participate in transactions.

earnings in the field of Internet services

Sale of partner services

Even if you don’t have a website, you don’t have money for traffic arbitration and do not want to distribute advertising on the Internet, on affiliate programs can earn extra money through friends.

Of course, this is unlikely to bring a lot of money, because the number of people we know is limited. Personally, I also use this method:

  • when people ask me where to talk to professionals (lawyers, physicists, psychologists), I send people to;
  • if they ask who is better order hosting provider services, I recommend;
  • when asked which sites to buy cheap flights or how to book a hotel online, tell about;
  • if someone needs freelance services, I give an affiliate link to;
  • Crediting services also generate income; 600-800 rubles are paid for customers.

These are just a few examples where you help people at the same time and get your own benefit from it. The option is interesting and, if desired, you can find a bunch of other services.

The most important thing is to establish yourself as a professional, so that your friends ask for help as often as possible.

Does it make good money?

If you limit yourself to attracting friends, you will have to forget about big incomes.

How often do people ask you something? Even if you invite any friend to the site with online loans, he will receive a loan and forget about it. It may take too long for someone else to find help.

Do you want to receive big money from this method of earnings? Then read about profitable affiliate marketing.

On the Internet, people are constantly interested in something, and they can be sent to companies through their affiliate link in order to make a profit. I actively use it myself.

People often ask me where to order a design, find copywriters, programmers, and so on. As already mentioned, in terms of freelancing, I always suggest using.

This is the largest stock exchange where I have a lot of referrals, they pay for access to sections of the site, and I earn profit for it:

earnings in the field of Internet services

Let it be in small amounts but the money comes. Freelancers provide services to people attracted by me, and I only earn interest from their payment. A good option for making passive profits.

I consistently order money on Webmoney and, in order to avoid unnecessary questions, I will add a screen:

earnings in the field of Internet services

This is how you can earn money on services , not providing them, but simply attracting people through affiliate programs.

If you decide to start making money on affiliate programs, be sure to use

. Chinese online store pays from 8. 5% of each purchase.

Do not miss the opportunity to receive money for each invited user. Even if you advise sites to friends, you do not harm anyone, let people buy something, order and use services, they will not overpay.

But it will be beneficial for you, as the company will thank you for attracting a client.

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