Earnings in the broker Optitrade24 (closed)

In order to join the ranks of traders, it is not necessary to download platforms and buy back some currency, now binary options have appeared, and it is much easier to trade them.

With this tool, you can profit from a fall or appreciation by making bets on it with arbitrary amounts .

Brokers providing the opportunity to use this trading tool are many, but you need to choose the best ones.

Broker Optitrade24, my review of this service will be positive , as the company, although not the oldest, but stable, offers a convenient interface and favorable conditions.

Earnings in the broker Optitrade24 (closed)

Draft Scam

Binary Options on Optitrade24

To start trading, first go through the normal registration and open an account.

To do this, you must fill out the form:

Earnings in the broker Optitrade24 (closed)

When you first log into your personal account, you will be directed to the deposit page where you can Attach a bank card or use alternative methods:

Earnings in the broker Optitrade24 (closed)

The only minus of the Optitrade24 broker is the minimum deposit amount of $ 250. If you are focused on profitable trading, then this amount should not surprise you, some invest in options and thousands of dollars.

When replenishing money comes quickly, and after that you can start trading.

The functionality here is standard:

Earnings in the broker Optitrade24 (closed)

Choose the currency pair, option expiration time, bet amount and decide whether the chart will be higher or lower . The percentage of rate increase in case of luck depends on the option chosen, it is constantly changing.

Several types of options are offered on Optitrade24, you must understand them:

  • Classic - a common option in which a bet is made on changing the course in a given period of time.
  • Minute is also a classic option, but here it is proposed to determine the movement of the chart for a few minutes.
  • Long-term - used by experienced traders, and the maximum term of an open option is 1 year.
  • Pairs - allows you to bet on two assets at once, the winnings count, even if only one prediction came true.
  • Ladder - here you can take profits, after passing after overcoming a schedule of certain marks.
  • One Touch - you set a certain level and if the schedule rises above it (or below), you will get a profit.
  • Forex - will be appreciated by evaluators of the growth of certain currencies, where you need to exchange the selected asset at a specified time.

The choice of the type of options depends on personal preferences, all of them are interesting and original in their own way. Basically, I use Classic Options, Minute and One Touch. During my work with Optitrade24, I managed to make quite a few successful transactions, here are some of the statistics:

Earnings in the broker Optitrade24 (closed)

Earn on options with Optitrade24 is convenient, but most importantly, the feedback on this broker is extremely positive and it works stably.

If for some reason this company does not suit you, use Binarium or IQoption, these are also proven brokers with many advantages.

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