Earnings in Telegram on your channel, bots

There was a time when the most profitable way to earn money on the Internet was to create your own website. Now there is a huge number of platforms that allow you to run profitable projects, even without knowledge of HTML.

Users get a decent profit from VK communities, YouTube channels, microblogging on Twitter.

Earnings in Telegrams on your channel, bots and in other ways - this is a new branch, to which more and more people join. There are many options to receive money in Telegram, there is work even for beginners who can only perform simple actions (such as subscribing or sending messages.

Earnings in Telegram on your channel, bots

What does Telegram earn?

Before turning to ways of making money in a relatively new messenger, I would like to answer a common question.

There are no ads in the application, developers do not charge for usage project, etc. Moreover, there have already been statements that the sale of the service is not planned.

Funds to support the system They come from the personal capital of Pavel Durov. The well-known founder of the social network Vkontakte, who left the post of general director several years ago and sold his share of MailGroup finances his brainchild.

some paid features. Now the audience of users is rapidly increasing, Pavel Durov even decided to start using the blockchain, and this is directly related to money.

Earnings in Telegram on your channel, bots

Can I earn money in Telegrams?

Of course? and for this there are lots of ways. The most common of these is launching your channel. Absolutely free, anyone can add a channel and publish various information on it.

In this case, the options for monetization are full, at a minimum, the placement of advertising posts.

Automation in Telegram via bots, this is an even more interesting type of earnings.

They are launched for various actions, starting with the translation of texts and ending with the sending of links to download files. Users enter certain commands in the chat and receive instant answers from robots.

In addition to all this, there are plenty of additional ways to earn money in the Telegram. We will tell about each of them below, you need to choose the option that suits your goals, skills, and possibly the availability of start-up capital.

Earnings in Telegram on your channel, bots

How to make money on the Telegram channel?

Just like in many social networks, channels are created here that subscribers need to attract . The more they get, the easier it is to find advertisers. Special exchanges have already been created for this.

The most difficult thing is to start so that everything will work out for you, listen to these tips:

  • you need to actively promote your channel. Start by inviting friends and active advertising in social networks;
  • communicate with the target audience, create chats and groups, it attracts new people;
  • be patient, earn money in Telegram is unlikely to work out development of the site takes time;
  • think about booting bots in Telegram, at the start it helps to move from a dead center;
  • if you have money, invest them in advertising. Below are the stock exchange, where you can order advertising posts in other channels.

Some users are advised to start monetization when at least 100 subscribers are recruited. It is better to reach at least 1000, because advertising posts will scare some of them.

Earn in a Telegram on the useful channel under the power of each, and if you can not decide on the subject, then here are the best options:

  • cryptocurrency;
  • news;
  • politics;
  • business;
  • entertainment;
  • collections;
  • sports and health;
  • children;
  • design;
  • photos;
  • technology.

In addition to searching for advertisers, promoted channels are suitable for making profit in other ways. For example, earnings on affiliate programs.

Sell any products, offer services, get rewards for the specific actions of your subscribers (from registration, to buying a ticket).

Earnings in Telegram on your channel, bots

Exchanges that help you make money on the Telegraf channel

Telegram advertising is constantly interested in, because it has the highest conversion rate.

The fact is that notifications about new posts appear to users in the same section of the messenger where the messages are located. Therefore, it is possible to achieve 50% of views (on Facebook this figure is only 10%). Advertisers are looking for channel owners on these sites:

  1. - an advertising exchange developed specifically for Telegrams. It’s not difficult to add your channel, and the advertisers audience is huge. The project was created by the famous company Mirafox.
  2. - through this exchange they order advertising in many social networks.Telegram channels began to take recently, there are no requirements, connect any sites.
  3. - advertise the Telegram network. To connect to it, just contact the project bot. After adding a channel, start auto-posting and you will not have to do anything else.
  4. - an advertising agency offers its clients effective social media marketing. They already cooperate with many owners of famous channels, join their ranks.
  5. - also offer turnkey advertising. This is both an agency and an advertising exchange. They work in all directions, with bots, stickers, advertising API. Perhaps this project is useful to you and to promote your channel.

These services at the start help unwind the channels, it makes sense to first register with them as an advertiser.

Buy posts from other users to gain more subscribers. Then the money will pay off, especially according to statistics, the effectiveness of advertising in Telegram is much higher than in other social services. networks.

How much do Telegram channels earn?

Revenue from such sites is influenced by the subject, the activity of advertisers, the number of subscribers.

The best way to determine the cost of advertising posts is to look at price tags at other sites. To do this, we will switch to Sociate and see how much the popular channels take:

Earnings in Telegram on your channel, bots

At these sites, the cost of advertising varies from 6 to 22 thousand rubles . The price is much higher than for Vkontakte posts, because there are no fakes here and the efficiency is higher.

Even if you calculate that 1 post is added per day, you can earn more than half a million rubles on the Telegram channel.

As with the creation of any other sites, earnings from channels Telegram is not limited. The main thing is to gain more subscribers and interest advertisers.

Revenues of channel owners are very different, if only because they use different exchanges and methods of monetization.

Some people are not looking for advertisers at all, but promote their own business or attract customers through affiliate programs. In any case, the income is impressive.

How to make money on bots in Telegrams?

Now more and more actions are being performed via Telegram. People are looking for the right information, translations, synonyms, something they think, and so on.

Bots help all this - special programs for the messenger that automate actions. They manage to manage through the specified commands.

For example, many ICO startups distribute free cryptocurrencies just for a subscription to Telegram. By the way, you can collect them too, and

will help you find a bounty.

Now bots are developed for a variety of purposes, there are even sites associated with HYIPs. Through them, people invest money, then they get interest. But they do not live long, so we do not recommend contacting them. What bots in Telegram are the most popular:

  • telegram bot music;
  • telegram bot to download video;
  • telegram bot book;
  • telegram bot for VK;
  • telegram bot cryptocurrency;
  • telegram bot Youtube;
  • telegram bot store.

Creating your Telegram bot is not an easy task. If you are serious, you can use the designers or.

Note that the functionality will be limited, and the performance depends on their developers. Therefore, it is better to go to freelance exchanges and find a programmer who can create a Telegram bot:

Earnings in Telegram on your channel, bots

This is the card of one of the performers from the exchange. There, many provide services to develop and add Telegram bots, but the price tags are different for everyone.

Contact freelancers, specify the task, create a technical task and place an order.

How to make money in Telegrams - 5 additional methods

Thousands of users get money through Telegram. It is not necessary for this to run the bot or unwind the channel. There are plenty of alternative, interesting and equally profitable options. Consider the most interesting ones:

1. Subscriptions to Telegrams

In the messenger you can close access to the channels and this is often used for earnings. People are offered paid access to the chat, where useful information is published. For example, these may be signals for cryptocurrency trading.

The cost is billed individually, and in order to get a good profit from this, you need to cause a stir. Why will people pay money? You must have an explanation for this question.

2. Collecting bonuses

Some channels spin up due to distribution of freebies or offer additional income. In this area there are games with the withdrawal of money, cranes and other projects.

A vivid example is that which distributes to all participants 114 Satoshi, simply by clicking on a special button. Another popular bot is that it pays money for viewing posts in Telegram.

3. Creating stickers

Pavel Durov pays for $ 80 to everyone who adds interesting stickers to his messenger. For this, a special @stickers bot has been created.

For designers and creative people, this is a great option. But far from all the works are paid, it is desirable to act on the waves of the next HYIP.

4. Mediation

In social networks, on YouTube and other sites, mediators are actively working. They establish a relationship between advertisers and site owners. For example, they offer turnkey advertising, take 10,000 rubles and buy advertising for 8,000. Similarly, you can act, the market is not very full.

5. Freelance

To work with Telegrams they are constantly looking for performers. More and more orders for the development of bots, promotion of channels, looking for personal assistants, moderators and so on appear on the exchanges.

Option for those who understand something and are ready to work. Look for projects and vacancies on the best freelance exchanges.

The Telegram project is gaining momentum so quickly that for some users it has already become the main source of income. There are people who use all the methods of earnings at once. Which way you go, decide for yourself.

Now you know how to make money in a Telegram without investing on your channel, bot or something else. Do not miss such a chance, while there is relatively high competition here, you have every chance to get into the TOPs.

Once upon a time, there were few groups on Vkontakte, and now it is practically impossible to promote a new community.

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