Earnings in social. networks with Plibber

Most often, profiles and groups in social networks unwind not with the enthusiasm of their owners, but in order to earn money.

Today, there are enough services through which you can receive offers from advertisers, advertise on your sites and thereby making money.

Earnings in social. networks with Plibber, can be used by anyone who has promoted Vkontakte groups, Twitter microblogs, Odnoklassniki communities, popular pages on Google+ and Facebook.

Unlike many similar projects, the administration focuses on attracting advertisers, so here you will always receive applications.

Earnings in social. networks with Plibber

Monetization of groups and profiles in the soc. networks

After passing the usual registration in the system, you can add as many sites as you like. Make it easy, go to the "My sites" section and press the button to add:

Earnings in social. networks with Plibber

Then a form appears where you need to select profiles or communities from which social. Networks you plan to use:

Earnings in social. networks with Plibber

The usual authorization is made through your profile and all communities and microblogs are added to the list of sites:

Earnings in social. networks with Plibber

Before you start receiving applications, each site must be activated. To do this, opposite them is the corresponding button. Moderator evaluates each group and profile in several ways.

Your site must meet the following requirements:

  • number of participants from 5000;
  • in the group there should be an increased activity of participants;
  • in the tape should be at least 150 entries;
  • message publishing is available only to administrators;
  • no more than 30% of blocked participants;
  • shared access to the site (open group);
  • no pornography, spam and profanity.

Are there sites suitable for these requirements? Be sure to add them to the system and periodically go to Plibber to get acquainted with the applications and advertise for money.

How much can you earn from Plibber?

It all depends on how much your sites are promoted. To find out the approximate prices for advertising, you can find a list of already added sites. Just go to the advertiser panel:

Earnings in social. networks with Plibber

You can set your prices for advertising, but remember that advertisers choose sites and always consider how profitable it is for them to cooperate with you.

All money received for the placement of advertising posts can be displayed on WMR when the sum reaches 100 rubles. The system takes a commission of 15%, and the money comes within 3 days.

But besides the withdrawal, you can transfer funds to the advertiser's account and start advertising your sites. Thus, you will not spend anything on the development of a group or microblog.

The Plibber service is significantly different from similar projects in that you can configure the system for notifications about new applications.

If for some reason, this system does not suit you, read about Blogun's earnings through YouTube, through Blogun you can earn money on platforms in other social networks, and this article will help you to deal with the interface.

Also, do not forget about the Sociate advertisement exchange, where you can find advertisers for Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki groups.

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