Earnings in social. networks on Wmmail

Each user of social networks has the ability to easily make money at the expense of clique sponsors.

On sites like Wmmail you will find a huge number of different tasks related to using profiles from Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and other popular projects, it is not necessary to have a well-promoted account.

Earnings in social. networks on Wmmail can make a good profit if you actively work and use several profiles. Despite the fact that the fulfillment of tasks is the simplest activity, it takes a lot of time to do this, so this method definitely does not apply to “freebies”.

Tasks for social. networks

After registering in the system, you can go to the tasks section and filter them by tasks related to different social networks:

Earnings in social. networks on Wmmail

Most of the tasks, of course, associated with Vkontakte. This is the most popular network in RuNet. From this list by name, you can select suitable tasks and go through one of them to get acquainted with the detailed requirements:

Earnings in social. networks on Wmmail

In this task you need to join the group. The link to it is indicated, but first you need to click on the button below. As indicated in the description, after the entry it is necessary to send the advertiser a link to his page in the social. network so he can check whether you have fulfilled the conditions.

After pressing the button you need to join the community, you probably know how to do this. Then go back to the page with the task and click the second button:

Earnings in social. networks on Wmmail

When the form for inserting text appears, you need to make a report. In our example, this is a link to the page:

Earnings in social. networks on Wmmail

Send the report, and while the creator of the task checks it, perform other tasks in the same way.

Among tasks on social. networks on Wmmail you will find not only the requirements with the entry into public and community, there are such types of tasks as:

  • adding friends;
  • likes;
  • reposts (retweets );
  • adding video;
  • inviting friends;
  • writing comments;
  • voting.

Payment for them is small, only 1-5 cents, but it takes no more than a minute to complete each task. And when you understand the interface well, it will work much faster for you.

It does not matter how many accounts you have, in which soc. networks, and as far as promoted, with their help, you can absolutely make money, and the click sponsor Wmmail offers a wide variety of work for beginners.

Well, if the income does not suit you, look at other tasks, there are options with a payment of a few dollars.

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