Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

Screw up any indicators in social networks, now you can effortlessly. For this purpose, special services were created, and not only customers use them.

With these systems, you can make money on social networks using your profiles (likes, reposts, community entry, etc.).

Earnings are not able to bring good money to all those who are active.

This project is somewhat different from analogs, it is used by almost 100,000 people, over 15,000 Euros have been paid, and now attention, more than 122 thousand instructions are available on it, none of these indicators can boast one other system.

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

Instructions for making money on tasks at Likesrock

Naturally, everything starts with registration. It is normal, fill out the form and create an account:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

The first distinguishing feature of this service is that the balance is maintained in Euros. To some, this may seem inconvenient, but what difference does it make in what currency money is paid if it is easy to exchange?

When you log into your personal account, immediately select the "My Profile" section and go to the "My accounts in social networks" tab. Fill in the available lines:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

You can start performing tasks right away, for this you need to select a social network from the list:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

This is part of the statistics on the currently available tasks. Please note that there are restrictions here, you can perform no more than 200 tasks of the same type (protection against account blocking).

This is quite enough for day work. And in some types of assignments, even so many orders are not recruited.

How to complete tasks?

Probably, there is no simpler interface than on this site. To demonstrate an example, let's go to the OK section of the Group, where all tasks are related to the communities of this social. network. Here we are waiting for the following list:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

The name and price are presented, and in the "Action" column, you need to click "Join" to become a member of the group . Everything is elementary, a window opens in which you want to confirm the action:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

Just press the button and go back to the list of orders, where a notification about the transfer of funds appears:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

The rewards are small, but there are thousands of them and it takes a few seconds to complete. Plus, you can work through various social networks and even browse websites:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

For completing tasks, you can receive 2 times more, but you have to buy VIP status. It costs from $ 5.99 to $ 59. $ 99 , depending on the duration. In addition to doubling the rewards, he gives:

  • 10% bonus when replenishing;
  • for the task you can set a payment of 0. 001 euro;
  • tasks will be in first place;
  • removed restrictions on the limit of tasks performed;
  • privileges when contacting those. support

On the one hand, conditions become profitable, but if you don’t actively use the service, there is no point in buying VIP status.

Affiliate Program Likesrock

This site is not a standard affiliate program. Initially, you will become a level 1 partner and will receive 20% of the replenishment and 5% of the earnings of attracted users.

But if you move to a higher level (you need to invite 10 or 20 referrals), you will receive up to 26% from all customer deposits:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

To invite people You can use not only regular links and banners, but also landing pages. First, you can share the link to the service through social networks, perhaps it will be enough to immediately go to the third level.

In addition, you will take part in the referral contest and win a serious amount:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

This money is credited as well as for the tasks on the main balance, and from there can be transferred to PayPal or Payeer. As for the minimum amount, it also depends on your partner level:

Earnings in Likesrock on likes, repost

Collect only 20 referrals, it is not difficult, and then work on tasks and your balance will be partially replenished for account of invited participants.

If you like this kind of earnings, be sure to try working with

, there are the highest rates for performing the same tasks.

Now the service is gradually reaching the TOPs and is already being used by people from all over the world (translated into several languages). The most important thing is not to use fakes (bots) and not to try to register again, as the rules do not allow this.

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