Earnings for webmasters on the MLM Exchange (scam)

Monetizing sites, for many newbies, seems to be a simple process, but if it’s not good enough to understand this, then it’s hard to earn a lot of money.

Also, newbies often think that you can “hang” any ad, the most important thing is to choose attractive promotional materials, but this is often not enough.

The main thing in monetizing websites through advertising is to find offers that interest your visitors, and also to choose a decent advertising service with favorable terms.

Earnings on a site with MLM Exchange (scam) is an ideal option for monetizing certain resources, due to thematic advertising.

Earnings for webmasters on the MLM Exchange (scam)

MLMex advertising service is designed to monetize resources on the following topics:

  • affiliate programs;
  • earnings on the Internet;
  • information business;
  • network marketing and MLM.

After registering in the system, you will add your site and specify the size of promotional materials. You will be given a special code, just put it on your resource and start making a profit for clicks.

Earnings for webmasters on the MLM Exchange (scam)

Besides the fact that through this advertising service you get thematic advertising to your resource (which increases the conversion several times), the pay per click here is quite high. Advertisers are willing to pay good money for targeted traffic, under the terms of MLMex, the webmaster receives 90% of the advertising company, and on average goes from 0. 5 to 1. 5 $ for a unique click.

The MLM Exchange project was implemented by two large companies, MLM-PRO and ADFOX. You may have heard about their activities in the field of RTG advertising or MLM business.

Cooperation with their new platform is a much more profitable way to monetize the site, through other advertising services, since the topics here are limited, the conversion is high, and traffic is exclusively targeted.

How to use MLMex?

This will require registration on the Mlmexchange website. As a platform, you can use your blog or forum. Also note that there are some requirements for sites:

  • specific topics (list above);
  • unique and legal content;
  • 100 visitors per day.

As you can see, the requirements are not at all high, and the system is of high quality and stable. So that you can earn well, you will have the opportunity to sell as many ads as you like on your resource. There is also a choice of a variety of banner sizes, with effective and attractive content.

With MLMex advertising service, you can earn good money, because the pay per click is high. To receive payments, a transfer to Webmoney or QIWI is offered, as well as a cashless payment. Only $ 10 you need to dial to order withdrawal (for non-cash payments 3000 p.).

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