Earnings for travelers: 10 directions

The dreams of many people are associated with constant travel to other countries and rest. Traveling is really interesting, but leave is given only once a year, and money is not always enough.

With a strong desire, you can do anything, and with the help of the Internet it is quite possible to take work with you.

How to make money when traveling? You need to start working through the Internet, since you can work from a laptop from anywhere in the world.

We need to start today, because it requires development. Your desire to become a wealthy traveler is the best motivation, and what to do, everyone decides for himself.

Earnings for travelers: 10 directions

Everyone who loves to go to other cities or even abroad can earn money on traveling. You can do anything, and in this article we decided to present several suitable areas:

  1. Writing articles is suitable for anyone, and you can start without investments. Traveling, there is a huge amount of information that can be presented in text format. Write articles on any subject and sell them, more about this is described in the article about earnings on Advego.
  2. Working as a translator is suitable for travelers, as most of them are fluent in foreign languages. Look for suitable vacancies on, this is the most popular freelancing exchange. You may be asked to translate texts, take part in a conversation, make a new version of the site, and so on.
  3. YouTube channel - why not record videos right on the go. Earnings are serious, and the material will be enough. Buy a quality camera and share your impressions about different countries or cities. You can come up with any specific topics, such as national cuisine or a review of hotels.
  4. Your own blog is an equally good idea for travel enthusiasts. You can earn on your site in various ways, and you can publish any information in it. The theme of tourism among direct advertisers is widespread, big money is spinning in it.
  5. Affiliate programs - especially attention should be paid to affiliate programs on tourism. For example, through you can sell tours, flights, offer taxi services, hotel reservations, parking places, rental housing and much more. Your profit will consist of a percentage of orders.
  6. Infobusiness - why not write e-books about how you managed to make money while traveling, how to communicate with foreigners correctly or record a series of video lessons about learning foreign languages. All this can be sold, just go through 5 steps to infobusiness.
  7. Selling photos is another suitable option for making money while traveling. Being in different parts of the world, you can make a bunch of high-quality images, then to sell them on special sites. Read how to make money by selling photos, in the same place you will find a list of photobanks.
  8. Freelance - the combination of various ways of earning. You can get online as a consultant, become a programmer, content manager, create custom websites, promote them, and even lead groups on social networks. Decent payment is offered on Upwork, foreign exchange.
  9. Handmade - talent needs to be used. You know how to draw, sew, sculpt, paint or invent creative hats, it doesn't matter. Exclusive items are sold and bought for decent money. Traveling helps to invent original goods.
  10. Investments - the best way to earn money when traveling around the world is to invest money at interest. In the article "Where to invest 200 000 rubles," we presented several worthy options. If you do investing, there will be more time to enjoy trips and flights.

No matter which of these methods your choice falls on, you need to start right now. From the first day good money will definitely not be received, but in a year or two, you will definitely be able to go on a journey, taking work with you.

Earnings for travelers: 10 directions

The idea of ​​creating websites is the most attractive, but how much can you earn on a travel website? If it is good to unwind it and fill it with a huge amount of materials, it is quite realistic to receive more than 100,000 rubles a month.

Everybody can earn and travel, all you need is to be patient and actively join the remote work niche.

If there is no attachment to a particular place, then why not work hard on the beach, in a hotel, or during a flight? Internet workers have this opportunity.

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