Earnings for the greedy in the game Greed Game

Every day more and more interesting ways to make money appear on the Internet and some of them are very profitable.

Many people like money-withdrawing games, you can have fun in parallel with them, but you need to choose carefully. It is best to choose projects with a transparent distribution scheme.

Earnings for the greedy on the Greed Game will definitely appeal to gamers. Here the scheme is transparent, the players invest their money and the most dexterous have time to withdraw many times more than they put.

A few minutes to get acquainted are enough to understand all the rules, and you can withdraw the first profit today.

Earnings for the greedy in the game Greed Game

(project is closed)

Play and earn money on the Greed Game

Registration is open for everyone, and for its passage they give 2000 greaves game currency. They are credited to the demo account, you can not withdraw funds from it, but you can participate in games.

There are 3 types of games to choose from:

Earnings for the greedy in the game Greed Game

The faster the percentage rises, the faster the players withdraw their earned money. The pool is rapidly increasing due to additional replenishments, and far from all will be winners.

All you need to do is replenish the total bank and then wait for the amount to increase.

When you make a bet, 10% of the amount will be charged. The administration takes them away, so there is no sense in immediately taking the money. It is necessary to wait until the amount exceeds the investment, and the more time passes, the higher the income.

When you register, you can immediately go to the list of games and select the mode that you like best (in an aggressive game, the highest risks):

Earnings for the greedy in the game Greed Game

Here are a couple of mid-term games that indicate the current percentage, how fast the pool grows, how much money is collected and how many participants. If you click on "Details", the game opens, and you can see the schedule, the latest actions of the players:

Earnings for the greedy in the game Greed Game

The data is updated in real time, so watch this carefully so that you know when it is better to join the game The best option - this is the very beginning of the game, as well as in statistics, it is desirable to observe only the completion. On the same page, you can bet any amount:

Earnings for the greedy in the game Greed Game

The bet is accepted in a couple of minutes, and you can watch how interest accumulates on your account.

From this moment the most interesting begins, since it is necessary to have time to collect the collected amount, while no one has ordered the payment. This is not difficult, but too greedy people will never wait until their money multiplies:

Earnings for the greedy in the game Greed Game

You will have to determine the optimal time for entering and exiting the game yourself, and if there are a lot of players, This is not so easy. On the other hand, the profitability is high, since each greedy = 1 $ . Payments can be ordered for cards and e-wallets (QIWI, Yandex, Perfect Money, Payeer).

In your account there is a section "Partner", where you can take a referral link and attract new members. For this, the administration shares half the profit, and until 2015, it gives 70% of the received commission from the rates.

If you like playing, as well as counting money, be sure to register for the Greed Game. This is a unique project that has no analogues, and the most important thing is that the players make money here and 90% of these deposits are distributed to the lucky ones.

Who knows, maybe your name will appear in the list of winners, try to play at least in demo mode.

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