Earnings for newcomers to Online-otvet

Not all Internet users want to learn complex types of earnings, and they do not need large incomes.

Some are looking for simple ways to get money, and there are quite a lot of them. In addition to the click sponsors Wmmail and Seosprint, you can start answering questions in a special service and get Webmoney for it.

Earnings for newcomers to, something like the use of the project "", but here you do not have to wait until your records get a lot of views, the administration pays for each quality response.

While the project is young and not many people know about it, so many questions are waiting for their answers.

Earnings for newcomers to Online-otvet

Pay for answers to questions Online-otvet

To get started, you will need to register and fill out information about yourself. If you do not add personal data and do not install an avatar, there will be no payment for the answers.

After that, on the main page, do filtering to find only those questions in which money is paid for the answers:

Earnings for newcomers to Online-otvet

The question base is frequently updated, therefore you need to periodically log in to find topics for writing answers:

Earnings for newcomers to Online-otvet

Subjects of questions may be different, most often these questions are asked by other users and if the administration finds them interesting, then translates into paid section.

How to write an answer for which they pay?

Each answer is paid separately, the reward is from 1 to 10 coins (equivalent to 1 cent). You can withdraw money to Webmoney only after you have collected 50 coins (50 cents). You can collect this amount with just 5 answers, but each of them must be of high quality. Here are the basic requirements:

  • from 100 characters;
  • meaningful text that fully answers the question asked;
  • no errors in the text should be;
  • materials from other sites cannot be used;
  • links cannot be added to responses.

In the process of writing answers, do not pay attention to your balance, as money for answers may not come immediately. The administration of the project manually checks the work of each participant and charges him a reward.

Affiliate Program Online-otvet

Favorable conditions are provided by the affiliate program of this service. Here you can make a profit from referrals up to level 5, the percentage of deductions 10-5-2-1-1. Attracting users from mailers, using spam or re-registering is prohibited, for this may block the profile.

The rules of the Online-otvet project are extremely simple , and you can try easy money today. Write 5-10 answers to withdraw the first money, and you will see that this is the simplest work that does not require serious skills.

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