earnings experience in the Cenovik affiliate program. net - Profit Hunter

Affiliate programs give high earnings to the webmaster, if 1) the webmaster chose "his" affiliate program, i.e., he chose a topic in which he knew how to understand, write content for it and sell traffic and 2) has sufficiently visited thematic sites on topics suitable for the affiliate program. BestMasteriZation competition prompted to write an article about experience with Cenovik. net teaser system. But ... first, let's do a little condition of the competition:

earnings experience in the Cenovik affiliate program. net - Profit Hunter

Cenovik. net partner program

earnings experience in the Cenovik affiliate program. net - Profit Hunter

Cenovik. net is a teaser ad network through which advertisements Not only electronic products like plasma TVs , cameras or mobile phones, , but also legal services , sports goods, products for children , translation services , products for health and beauty and about a dozen others. Many advertisers just want to expand their audience. Therefore, the content of sites under affiliate is very diverse. And the commercial theme interests me more than others.

Secondly, now is a good time to add a couple of Ukrainian sites to the system, since it seems that the shortage of such traffic and prices for clicks are sometimes very pleasing. Advertisers do not have enough quality Ukrainian sites. Here you can search for direct advertisers and work with them, add them as referrals and get your earnings. And this is in addition to earnings from clicks.

When I first started working with teaser networks, I registered in different affiliate programs. Over time, already from experience, I realized that not all of them are good. In particular, this concerned pay per click, delays in paying hard earned money, a low CTR in comparison with others. Therefore, the majority of teaser affiliate programs struck out of their profit list. Then I was engaged only in the Russian Internet. Do now. I read a lot of positive reviews about TeaserNet, which stands out for commercial, entertainment and news topics, as well as about SmartBucks, aimed at the entertainment and adult segment. Entertainment and commerce are two ever-green niches in which denyuzhki are always found.

In general, if it were not for the “Best Mastering” contest, it would not even have written about it to everyone 🙂

What does the webmaster need when working with an affiliate program? Working conditions and tools. Let's start with the working conditions :

  1. Sites, blogs and forums are accepted in the Cenovik net.
  2. Flexible customizable teaser ad units. There are 3 types of blocks - teaser, popunder and the possibility of video monetization (this is still new for the runet).
  3. The code is easily embedded in the template page of the site.
  4. The appearance of the blocks is quite beautiful and attractive. Example:

earnings experience in the Cenovik affiliate program. net - Profit Hunter

The second thing that has pain The weight for a webmaster is pay per click. What does Cenovik. net offer? The webmaster receives 80% of the cost per click set by the advertiser. The price per click on the terms of the system should not be less than 0. 03 $ .

My experience with Cenovik. Net is not yet so great as to talk about large profits. The reason is that not enough time has passed. I have a couple of product sites. Or rather, one is building a site directory subjects. This is not a collection of references and a brief description of companies. This is a full product catalog. I would say the portal. But, still small, not old enough. The second is a computer-related site. The total attendance per day on both sites - 4000-6000 people. On pre-holiday days, computer traffic is “off the scale”: new items, discounts, etc. By building - more seasonal. There are some nuances. CTR is different. And it all depends on the position of the teaser on the page. Central places, for example, in the center of the article , give a CTR of up to 26% (very relevant ads are now rotated with me). Sidebar gives - 2-3%. I note that teasers in the post give the best result :). Teasers at the bottom of the page - up to 1% does not reach.

Getting started with an affiliate showed good results. And this is a big plus in the direction of increasing turnovers As an advertiser, and an incentive to increase traffic as a webmaster. If you are still thinking about where else to earn extra money, this is your opportunity.

* The article was published as part of the contest " BestMaster and Zation " .

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