Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

What do you think, what type of earnings on the Internet are most often used by beginners? This is surfing and making money on clicks.

You do not need knowledge to use it, just visit various sites and collect small rewards for it. Many people underestimate this type of activity, citing low productivity.

Even surfing and clicks can be a lucrative job if you use as many different systems as possible. In addition, on some sites they pay money in Bitcoin currency, and its rate is still floating and can change at any time.

Bitcoin earnings on surfing and clicks, offers many sites, but not all of them are of high quality, in this article we will present the best projects.

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

The easiest way to earn Bitcoin

Before using these services, you will need to open your Bitcoin wallet, and for this, use a proven system, about which we have already told in the article Bitcoin Earnings.

Surfing and clicks for Bitcoins:

1. Visitbit (project closed).
It will not be necessary to register on this site, just indicate the Bitcoin wallet number and immediately get to the advertised sites. As with any other surfing, you need to wait until the timer comes out, after which the captcha is checked:

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

If you have ever surfed or read letters on mailers, here you have no difficulties. The most important thing is that there are many available sites for viewing and new ones appear every day.

2. .
An equally interesting project for earning Bitcoins, where you will find various tasks and be able to receive cryptocurrency for viewing sites. Registration is standard, and after it is completed, access to work is opened:

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

The internal balance is maintained in the mBTC currency, and payments are made within a week after the application is submitted, with a minimum threshold of 0 .15 mBTC.

By the number of available sites with paid viewing, this system is not inferior to any analogue. After the usual registration, you get more than 60 suggestions for surfing sites, and to view them, an interface with separate buttons is provided:

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

The longer the viewing time, the higher the payment. For example, for 10 seconds viewing, they pay 0. 0007 mBTC, but for 2 minutes spent on the site, they pay 0. 0122 mBTC.

4. .
Another quality system in which you can easily earn Bitcoins by browsing websites. After registering, go to the Surf Ads section and get a large list of available advertising sites:

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

Visit each of them and get a fixed fee for this, which you see in advance in the list. Payments are made instantly with a minimum of only 0.1 MBTH. The system differs from the others in that it is possible to rent referrals.

5. .
We decided to present this project to you at the very end, since it is different from previous projects. Here they pay not for clicks or visiting sites, but for watching videos.

Most often they will not take more than 4 minutes of your time. The minimum amount for the withdrawal you earn by watching about 10 videos, which says about decent rewards.

The project administration claims that you can even earn 1 Bitcoin (more than $ 600) for a month working with the site.

6. .
In 2015, this site gained great popularity and continues to work, to this day. It is not necessary to register in it, enter the number of the wallet and go to the viewing sites. Before opening them, a captcha check is required:

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

Under the form for entering the wallet number and the start button, there is an additional function. Better not to put a tick here to open sites with content for adults, it will help to earn more (if for you it is acceptable).

7. .
Also, no registrations, the wallet number is indicated and surfing begins immediately. To order a payment, you will have to collect 100 mBTC . According to reviews, this is one of the most profitable resources for earning Bitcoin surfing.

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

It is interesting that here you need to look at the pages for 5 minutes. You can not close them, and paid the money in bits. For example, 60 bits is 6000 Satoshi. Conveniently, the payments here are carried out automatically.

8. .
A great option for earning on Bitcoin surfing. Log in and enter your wallet number. After a simple check of the captcha, the platforms start to open, and money is credited to the balance:

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

Payments are automatic here, so just go and see the websites when the amount reaches the minimum threshold (0. 0001 BTC), it will be transferred to the wallet. The average viewing time is 30 seconds, and the payment is 143 Satoshi.

9. .
Get 75 Satoshi per visit to sites in 30 seconds.Most often, other cranes are advertised here, so in parallel you can earn some more Bitcoins. Every day there are available sites for surfing:

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

There is no advertising on the site, and the design is attractive, which distinguishes this resource from its peers. You can display at least 7500 satoshi . Registration is not required, and payments are carried out on the machine, for 2-5 days.

10. .
A more serious project, since it is possible not only to view sites, but also videos. To order a payment, you need to dial $ 1 , and exchange funds at the rate that is relevant at the time of withdrawal:

Earnings bitcoins on surfing and clicks, 10 sites

Depending on how long it takes spend on the site, payment changes. Captcha does not always appear, which is a plus of the project. There is not much advertising here, but gradually this is changing, the popularity of the system is growing.

It is not necessary to choose the appropriate option from all these systems, since you will receive the greatest productivity only if you use them in the complex.

Let the money “drip” from everywhere, because you don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, and if you type at least 1 Bitcoin, it will be a good profit.

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