Earnings at the Gold-promo, simple type of earnings

A little more than half a year ago, a new click sponsor was launched, which already collected almost 25 thousand users and paid 97,000 rubles. This service is called Gold-promo, and you can become a participant.

Besides the fact that the Gold-promo offers easy work with a free schedule, users are offered several earning options, automatic payments, the lack of a minimum amount for withdrawal, as well as a 3-level referral system.

Earnings at the Gold-promo, simple type of earnings

Simple work on the Internet with Gold-promo

What you need to start making money on this site ? It is enough to register (in one step):

Earnings at the Gold-promo, simple type of earnings

Specify the required data and click "Finish", after that you will generate a password and pin code, which is needed to confirm the transaction. Be sure to record this data, they will be useful in the future.

Earnings on this mailer do not differ from those present on similar systems. Surfing websites, reading emails, passing tests and completing assignments - all this you can earn money. If you are registering for the first time in the active advertising system, you should read more about these tools of earnings.

1. Surfing sites and reading letters.
This method of earning is the easiest; when using it, you are required to go to the advertiser's site. Going to one of these sections, you will be presented with a list of advertised sites:

Earnings at the Gold-promo, simple type of earnings

It is enough to click on the name of one of the lines in this list to go to the site view. Browsing the site will take 15-60 seconds, after that you will receive money.

2. Passing the tests.
In the test section, you will also get a list of available tests to perform. The essence of the work lies in finding answers to questions using a specific resource, here is an example of a test for a visual example:

Earnings at the Gold-promo, simple type of earnings

As you can see, the questions are very simple, the most important thing is to fulfill the advertiser’s requirements, in our example, this is the need to perform transitions on advertising on the site.

3. The execution of tasks.
There are 332 tasks available on the Gold-promo site, and each of them can bring you profit. What are the tasks? These are requirements to go to the site, register, leave feedback and much more:

Earnings at the Gold-promo, simple type of earnings

In the example, you can see several tasks from various categories. Please note, watching a video on YouTube is much easier than registering or becoming a referral of another user, so the cost of doing it is several times lower.

In order to receive passive profit from the Gold-promo site, you will need to invite other users to the system. This is not difficult to do, in the main menu you need to select the item "Invite referrals" and after that the affiliate link will be presented:

Earnings at the Gold-promo, simple type of earnings

In order for the system to determine exactly what you invited the new participant, he must register by the link, which is located in the section presented in the screenshot.

Withdrawals from Gold-promo

There are several fields in your personal data to indicate account numbers from various payment systems:

Earnings at the Gold-promo, simple type of earnings

By specifying them, you can withdraw money to your wallets. Recall that payments are instant, and the minimum amount is only 1 ruble.

A developing and young resource is gradually becoming more and more popular, and as long as it does not gain serious momentum, you have a real opportunity to invite a large number of referrals to it.

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