Earnings at Plati, selling goods at Plati

Service is one of the most popular platforms where you can sell various electronic goods. Some users have already built a successful business through this site, and you can repeat their success. What do you need to start? Learn how to create valuable information!

First, let's see what you can sell on this site ?

  • Electronic books.
  • Keys from games.
  • Software products.
  • Scripts.
  • Databases.
  • Game Accounts.
  • Gift certificates.
  • Video courses.

This and much more can be used as goods for sale on Plati. ru. Depending on the type of product, you can sell it several times. For example, one of the users of this site sells its strategy for trading on Forex:

Earnings at Plati, selling goods at Plati

The price of his e-book is $ 35, and the number of sales is 135. With all commissions deducted, this person earned about 4000 dollars, while selling the same book. Agree, an excellent result.

Selling goods on Plati

First you will need to register as a seller on this site. There is a special button for this:

Earnings at Plati, selling goods at Plati

Click on it and go through the standard registration. After that, you can add your products to the site:

Earnings at Plati, selling goods at Plati

For each product you will need to make a detailed description:

Earnings at Plati, selling goods at Plati

Take seriously the compilation of product information, it will help speed up sales. Also in the settings you can specify various promotions, discounts or even sell goods on credit.

Payments with Plati. ru.
To withdraw money from the service, you need to select the currency and click on the appropriate button:

Earnings at Plati, selling goods at Plati

There are no restrictions, and you can only remove all the amount immediately and in the currency that was received during sales. There is currency exchange, but other users offer it, while setting their own exchange rates, so it is not profitable.

Earnings for Plati Partners. en

If you are not ready to create any goods and you do not want to be engaged in sales, you can act as a partner. In the description of each product there is a line in which a partner reward is indicated when attracting a buyer:

Earnings at Plati, selling goods at Plati

For example, you can earn $ 40 by selling an e-book about Forex. After clicking on the link "How to earn", you will be available a special code. By installing it on your website, you will receive the following button:

Earnings at Plati, selling goods at Plati

Every sale of goods made after clicking on this button will bring you profit.

The administration of the Plati resource tries to ensure that their users are not inconvenienced. Using earnings on Plati. ru you can contact technical support at any time, which will promptly answer all your questions.

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